(MOD POST) Year End Awards and Voting

Updated on December 11, 2012, 15:49 KST

Since year-end awarding ceremonies, aside from MNet Asian Music Awards 2012, are approaching or are already on going, Worldwide ELFs (@WorldwideELFs) compiled links and instructions to support Super Junior in all awarding ceremonies. Here is a quote from their tweet:

We are good with votes because we are organised. We do things with order and by walking on the road as one. But if each of us goes on their own path. There is NO way we can reach anything. Hence please let’s know which vote is important and comes 1st and which does comes last on our list. Below is the order of importance.

1) MELON AWARD: watch MV SFS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWIkiI_UmeE

This one only people who are in Korean using Korean phones can vote. So how can we I-elf help? We can by helping increase the views on Sexy , Free & Single mv because its 40%. Deadline 13th December

This vote is EASY, we only need 1 yahoo ID then we can vote unlimited just keep clicking. If we all work hand in hand we CAN catch up.
How to log out : At the top left corner, click “Yahoo” another tab will open up, look on the right, not exactly on the corner but a little below it, you’ll see your user name & next to it will have “[ 登出 ]” click on that to log out. Deadline 10th December


You can vote with Facebook or Twitter IDs, 1 account 1 vote per day. NO IP RESTRICTION so 1 IP can vote with many IDs. Deadline 27 December.


1 IP can only make 1 account. Deadline 6th December please work hard on this one deadline is soon.
This vote is not as important as the votes above. So vote here when you are done with the rest of votes. If for any reason GDA open we will ignore this vote and only focus on GDA.

BTW we heard many of you are focusing MORE on this popdust poll than other important vote like yahoo buzz. Please don’t the popdust is NOT important. If we were not doing bad with other votes than maybe we would focus there but now we are behind on vote. Please spread this to ELF and in SJ mvs.
Now so we can be able to catch up on these award voting we will be planning mass voting for each voting site. Please while we are massing one voting site only focus on it. Now we have mass on Yahoo buzz later today 8pm kst to 12am kst. We hope ELF worldwide will join and make the gap smaller or even get 1st.

And here are the links for step by step instructions and rankings:

EMN: j.mp/TGMFFS (Official site update on vote rankings), pic.twitter.com/WBS1RRwM (Tutorials)

Yahoo Buzz: bit.ly/SOH9nl

KBS Best Icon: bit.ly/Vo9qzE

SBS MTV x Daum: t.co/T2drHH1N

GDA: Buy 6jib Version A albums. bit.ly/SzsDju (Official site update on vote percentages and rankings)

Melon: Increase Sexy, Free & Single MV views

World Music Awards: Click Super Junior’s photo. The vote is unlimited! World Best Group category.

K-POP Square: Just find Super Junior here and click “Tweet” and “Like”.

Korean Drama: Vote for Siwon’s drama, “The King of Dramas” here.

Compiled by: Enchong Erich (YouTube)
Tutorials by: NKSubs (@NKsubs), SJ World (@sjworld), TwELFs (@TwELFs), Sup3rjunior (@sup3rjunior)
We were successful in MAMA 2012. Let’s do it again. As of now, for the voting, we are currently at number 4 for the Disk Bonsang Award and at number 5 for the Poularity Award in GDA. The gap is very big. Only K-ELF can download an app to vote, but let us do our part as well.
I will update this post if there are further announcements.

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