(RP) Confusion

I am actually getting tired of fangirling… A lot of fans are on a hiatus now and they are completely drifting away from the fandoms that they are all in. I feel it and I understand them though.

If it is only okay to stop… It’s just that I want to keep my promise that I made to Jungsoo…

And Super Junior keeps me going.


Let us vote for Super Junior in MAMA! If it is not possible to win all five awards, then let us win the major awards then! LAST DAY OF VOTING TONIGHT AT 12AM KST.

Link: mama.interest.me/poll

Imagine the smiles that we will be putting on our faces when we win. We don’t want to cry and regret things later right? And to those who didn’t even try to vote even for once, don’t come crying and mentioning them that you’re sorry because of excuses. This is not a threat. This is an encouragement.

I know that it is not all about the votes but it still counts. Let us play our parts and let them play theirs.




That was why my title is “Confusion”. You are confused about what I really feel right now, right? SORRY.


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