(RP) Dream Flight

Okay so hello again. Long time no post… Hehe. It’s been a while. Well, not really… :))

It’s been eleven days of no Leeteuk… and I’m getting used to it like a missing love. LOL

I just wanted to inform you that finally!!! The plans of going to Korea, which were always stopped due to a lot of circumstances, are finally going to happen! :)) I already booked a flight to South Korea for next year! Yey for me! Well, my family and I are going there together. Woot. It’s their ggraduation gift for me. πŸ™‚ Although my sister has to absent for a complete week, there are no regrets… πŸ™‚

Guess when we are going to be there… Hehe. It’s next year, after my graduation in June. Here are my clues.

No one guessed rightly?

It’s a Monday.

Giving up? =)) It is on Teuk’s birthday!!! Yup, July 1, 2013! I chose the flight myself…. so haha. Good thing for me, there is still an available promo. Hehe. And even if I tried a lot of times after finally booking successfully, it was worth the effort. Hehe.

We’ll be arriving at 9pm. I wished to be there earlier but the flights were limited so…

But at least it’s Jungsoo’s birthday! :”> Even if I won’t see him on that day, it’s still important for me. Woot. It made me a lot more excited and giddy.

I had a lot of places which I wanted to visit. But of course my problem is where we will stay for almost a week. Woot. Any suggestions? πŸ™‚

I wanted to visit Sukira for one night. And Kona Beans. And the boys’ (SJ) other businesses. Hihi. And also the tourist spots. It would be fun, right?

That’s it. I need to sleep. I’m too excited. :”>

I just hope that the world won’t really end on the 21st December 2012 or else I’ll flip the whole universe.

Just joking.

Goodnight and good morning! :”>


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