(RP) Merlin Season 5 Episode 1 Review

This is just my personal review for the pilot episode of the 5th season of Merlin. It’s been almost two days already, but it’s only now that I decided to write the review. I’ve been thinking to write the review… but I am a busy person. Haha. Just joking.
This isn’t the finest review that you can read because it’s already past midnight and I have to sleep because I have 8am class tomorrow. This will be fast. This won’t reveal a lot of spoilers as well, except when I mention something related.

Compared to the other pilot epiodes, this pilot wasn’t as good. Maybe because I was too excited that I was just quite satisfied, not delighted because there has been a little excitement in terms of the plot. To be honest, the scene that made me most excited was the bromance between Merlin and Arthur… although I thought it would at least be lessen because Arthur had a wife already. Another scenes that made me excited was when Kilgharrah was shown and when I saw Sir Gawain. Hahaha.

Oh well, so much about that. Merlin was really scared of Mordred, I would like to look forward on how Mordred’s role would be developed, knowing that he hated Emrys yet he was saved a lot of times by Arthur. He knew his destiny and he would still fulfill it, I guess.

Poor Arthur, he was always betrayed by people he trusted the most, including Merlin, because I could sense that his magic would be revealed later in the series. I would want to know how Arthur would react… especially that Merlin was the one who killed (apparently) Uther. Would he make Merlin vanish or would he just let it go because Merlin had been so loyal o him ever since.

And Aithusa, I guess… he’ll appear in the next episode based on the preview… or was that Aithusa? :)) Oh well, how would Merlin feel that the dragon which he gave a name and which he saved would be Morgana’s ally.

I just didn’t want Arthur to die. And as Kilgharrah said, Merlin would be the one who could save Arthur.

Is the key that blue creature who treated Sir Gawain? I forgot his name OTL. Anyway, the knights were handsome as usual… But I wish Leon and Elyan and Percival could have spoken more or at least had a lot of scenes and lines.

And Gaius’ hair. Haha!

Oh, and I will discuss I want to strangle the Queen… I meant Gwen. She was too… irritating in this episode. :)) Because of her, the meeting of the Round Table was late, then Arthur would just tell that it was okay even though he was scolding Merlin for not finding her? That’s… argh. And when she sentenced Sefa to death… she was acting high and mighty. Yes, she was the queen but hello… although she was in charge of Camelot because Arthur was gone, and she had that good reason, and she was just following the law of Camelot, she should have not done that and just throw Sefa to the cell and wait for Arthur to come back. I understand she needed to do that because as a queen she should have shown power or she would be disregarded, but still, she was in her position before, except for the fact that she was never guilty. But I still believe in her character that she would just let Sefa go and make her vanish away from Camelot. I believe that she won’t let her get killed.

In this episode, Morgana showed that she wasn’t after magic being free in Camelot but she was wanting power. I would want her character to evolve more then she would just forget her hate and reconcile with Arthur. Although this is REALLY impossible as of this moment… and when the heck would she fall in love with Merlin or if not use him? Too excited for that. Haha!

As for our king, he’s still loyal and he cared for his people. But still he kept on scolding and yelling on Merlin… oh well, he was just showing his affection and care…haha! And I wanted to think that he was jealous when Merlin was talking to Sefa that he yelled Merlin’s name so loudly when he was helping Sefa. He never believed in Merlin… that’s sad. Although he was telling him before that he trusted Merlin… not enough though. Still, I want him to trust Merlin fully and he’d learn that Merlin had magic. It would be a slap on his face, but please, don’t make him hate Merlin… 😦

And finally, Merlin who knew how to juggle!!! I was quite impressed.

He was scared that he would not be able to save Arthur that time, and he was bothered about it. Arthur, as usual, was to the rescue! Colin was a brilliant actor. So nice. /biased

Oh well, I shall end this. Even though it isn’t really consistent, I hope you would get my point. I need to sleep now. Can’t wait for 2nd part of Arthur’s Bane! :))


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