(RP) Untitled Post

I don’t know why but I feel like writing here to let it out…

I feel so stressed because of our event. To think that my groupmates did more than what I did…

And guilty because of Reality. Oh, you don’t know him yet, right? I haven’t introduced it to you, right?

He’s the counterpart of Fantasy. Fantasy is Teuk, right? =)) Oh well, I named him like that because he is in my real life. I mean… I can talk to him, laugh with him. Unlike Fantasy. I can only dream about him. He is like not real. :))

Basta, I feel guilty because he gives opinions but I keep on rejecting his opinions. Para tuloy nababalewala ang pagkakaroon niya ng opinion. 😦 Ayun, that is just my feeling. But I am really thankful that he is still there to answer my questions.

And oh pupunta pala SiHae dito bukas! I’m going to Trinoma. Pwahahaha!!! Kahit hindi nanalo. :))

Yun lang. :))


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