Super Junior – KBS World Radio Backstage Chat + Transcript

[120810] Backstage Chat


Hello KBS WORLD Radio listeners, we are Super Junior!

Q: First, congratulations on your comeback! Your sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single” is receiving a lot of love, please tell us about it.
A: (Lee Teuk) Like the title, it tells the story of successful men. The song(s) express(es), «We’re sexy. We’re free. We’re single.» We’ve been hearing that girls will get very giddy from listening to the song(s).

Q: What kind of a song is the title track, “Sexy, Free & Single”?
A: (Ye Sung) This song needs no explanation. We’ll just sing and dance it for you.
(Eun Hyuk) The highlight of this dance, where you clap your hands, is very important. One, two, three~ (song) Uh~ (clap) Uh~ That’s right! This dance is very good for your blood circulation.

Q: Wow, that’s great! Didn’t the world renowned choreographer Devin Jamieson create the dance for “Sexy, Free & Single”? What was it like working with him? Also, how long did it take for you to perfect the moves? (question from French broadcast listener Dominique Conan)
A: (Lee Teuk) If we were to tell you a little bit about our choreographer Devin’s experience, he used to be a dancer for Michael Jackson, he’s in the movie « This Is It ». He’s a very famous dancer that’s worked also with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Usher. He’s worked with us since our fourth album « Bonamana ». He now knows our style pretty well, we’re pretty in sync with each other, and I can’t help but think our practice sessions went very well together.

Q: Like your comeback song’s title “Sexy, Free & Single”, which member is the most sexy? Who’s the most free, with the most care-free spirit? (question from Vietnamese broadcast listener Lyly, july_rain 152, etc.)
A: (Lee Teuk) Well first, we’ll pick the sexiest member. This is the first sexy member. Okay, pay attention! Shindong got three votes!
(Shin Dong) Me? Me?
(Other members) That’s just teasing him.
(Shin Dong) What do you mean, teasing?
(Kang In) Explain this. Where?
(Ye Sung) This is how I see it. The reason why Shindong got so many votes is…more than sexy, he kind of has a free image…
(Dong Hae) No, I think he’s sexy. I think this pink hair is sexy.
(Kang In) Truthfully, Shindong’s skin is very white. It’s kind of like baby skin, which is why he’s sexy.
(Lee Teuk) Okay, Shindong is the sexiest member. Now, the care-free spirit! One, two, three! Here, Ryeo-wook got three votes and Dong Hae got 2 votes. So, Ryeo Wook…
(Ryeo Wook) Yes, I’m very free-spirited…Uh…What am I supposed to say?
(Shin Dong) See, he’s so carefree~

Q: A lot of fans are excited about this album’s promotions because Kang In is back. How do you feel about returning to the group? (question from French broadcast listener Aurélie Giacino, Indonesian broadcast listener Ratnadewi Admajaya, Vietnamese broadcast listener Le Thi Kieu Oanh)
A: (Kang In) It’s so great that I really can’t even describe it in words. For the past three years, the thing I wanted to do the most was to be on stage with my groupmates…it’s like an ongoing dream each and every day. To repay the fans and my groupmates for this opportunity, to receive more love, I will work even harder in the future. I missed you all so much. Thank you.

Q: All ten songs on your sixth album has a unique and attractive charm. Among them, I hear that the song “From U” is especially special. Tell us about this song.
A: (Lee Teuk) Yes, you know how we have these questions being sent through twitter from people all over the world? It’s those very people that we dedicate this song to. We dedicate this song to all our E.L.F.s. To be honest, we receive so much love compared to what we have to offer, and we’ve been constantly thinking about how we can repay the immense love that we’ve been receiving. We expressed this through this little song, and our fans seem to like it very much. So we hope to continue to return the love through not just our songs, but other means as well.

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Q: The 10-city, 24-show world tour “Super Show” ended very successfully. There were hordes of fans at the airport to greet you for your concert in France. I’m curious to know how you felt [to see that]? (question from French E.L.F Line President, Delphine Crédot)
A: (Eun Hyuk) First, I think France is incredibly meaningful. In fact, the place I visited when I went on my first vacation alone was also France. Even then many fans came out to greet me. It was so unbelievable. When we went for our concert there, even more people came out so we were very surprised, and very touched as well.

Q: Super Junior is incredibly popular in China and Taiwan as well! Could you tell us about a memorable experience there? (question from Chinese broadcast listener, Li Xue)
A: (Lee Teuk) Because we have our Super Junior M unit, with members actively promoting in Taiwan, when we get in a cab at the airport there, we just tell the cab driver “To SuJu’s dorm/lodgings”, and he takes us directly there. Also, with Dong Hae and Si Won having spent over three months in Taiwan shooting a drama, we see fans following us around in cabs. With the drama shoot lasting so long, we now get fan letters saying, “Oppa, stop the drama shooting and go back to Korea now. We’re out of money.” We think of it as all of your love and so we’ll continue to work harder. Thank you.
(Sung Min) I once almost got lost in Taiwan. I wanted to go outside, because I was locked up in the dorms. Once, after we finished our schedules for the day, I decided to go for a walk downtown, so without thought, I did while listening to music and taking in the sights. Then I realized I was lost. However, fans following me helped show me the way and so I was able to make it back to the dorms safely.

Q: I really love Ryeo Wook’s food pictures that he uploads on Twitter. Do you have any plans to maybe release a cookbook in the future? (question from Vietnamese broadcast listener, Soo Khank)
A: (Ryeo Wook) The truth is that there are a lot of people on diets, and a lot of people who enjoy late night treats. The pictures I post up on my twitter are mainly all late night snacks/treats. If the opportunity comes, I would like to release a cookbook, but have no such plans yet.

Q: Let’s hear what Korean dishes Super Junior would recommend for our KBS World Radio listeners!
A: (Shin Dong) There’s so many delicious food items in Korea. From them, the one I personally love the most is pork. And out of all the pork dishes, pork with red seasonings, jaeyook bokgeum! I really like it, and can make it very well, so please come visit us. We’ll make you delicious jaeyook bokgeum!

Q: In the Super Junior fan club, E.L.F., there are of course many teenagers, and people that are younger than you. To such people, you’re more than just their favorite star, but even figures that helped to shape and guide their lives. This is because they don’t just stop at listening to your music, they try to follow your looks/style and actions. I’m curious to know whether you feel the social responsibility of that, and if you feel any burden and pressure from it? (question from Russian broadcast listener, Daria Dudko)
A: (Lee Teuk) As you know, we’re an idol group. This stems from the word “idol”. Because of this, it’s true we’re very careful and pay extra attention to every move we make and comment we say. We often think about how we need to show everyone the things we weren’t able to show you in the past, more admirable sides to ourselves.

Q: Lastly, could you tell us about what your hopes and aspirations are for the promotions for this latest album? (question from Indonesian broadcast listener Esti Purwanti, German broadcast listener Nancy Roehrdance, etc.)
A: (Lee Teuk) First, thank you so much for sending in your questions from all over the world. This is our sixth album. The number idol groups struggle to get past is the number six. We think it’s one hurdle that we overcame. More than a number ranking, more than what we need to accomplish next, we hope to stick around for a long time together with each other and with our fans. We will also try to send our lively energy to each part of the world our E.L.F.s are in. To those that are out of energy, lacking in vitality…And those lethargic people thinking, “Ah~ Am I even really living my life?”! For all these people, we, Super Junior, will work hard to be a small light, and be the salt in your lives. Thank you!

Credits: Excentrique1106, KBS World

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