(RP) Holding On

It has been two days of consecutive raining here in Manila. A lot of families lost their homes, things, and even relatives. It was Ondoy all over again, except that this rain was just caused by a monsoon. Floods, landslides, and even earthquake happened in just a span of two days, and in some areas, these are still happening. This caused a lot of casualties…

Students and office workers were not told to go out from their houses anymore. It was too dangerous because we didn’t know what would happen next. It was scary.

I was lucky that our place wasn’t flooded and submerged with water. But what about the others? All we could do is to pray and give even small things to help. The important thing is that it is from the heart.

This must be a lesson to everyone. It is not too late to change our ways. Rains and storms and earthquakes – we can’t stop them. But the results – flood, landslides, etc. – we can stop them. Just by not throwing trash everywhere and planting trees, these things would help.

And don’t forget prayers. God would not give it to us if we could not handle it. We need to handle it properly and just hold on.

I am still happy that people are bouncing back. As Filipinos, we still smile in amidst tragedies. It’s natural, so I am still proud and I believe that we can always stand up once again.


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