(MOD POST) Happy birthday Kim Heechul!

If I knew someone who had his own principles in life, that no mattee what, he would never abandon them and he would live with them until the end of time, that he would be Heechul. If he knows that he’s right, he won’t change his mind. He was labelled as stubborn and arrogant guy or even a bad idol, but his fans really loved that personality of his. He speaks what’s on his mind, and he is the only one who can actually directly curse via Twitter. He didn’t care even if he was verified, whatever he wanted to say, he would say it.

A lot people had misjudged Heechul but a lot also followed his basis of living: minding own business. He wasn’t afraid of anything. He was strong, although behind his smiles were frowns. It was acceptable because he’s a human afterall. He felt pain and sadness too.

But hell yeah, he’s our space big star. He’s near invincible. He’s Kim Heechul.

If there was one person who taught me a lot in terms of living my life, it was him. I owe it to him.

Although you deleted your verified Twitter account, please do come back soon. I still wish you the best of everything. Happy birthday. We love you.


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