Super Junior – 6th Album – Sexy, Free & Single Comeback Information + Schedule

I know that we are all excited about Super Junior’s comeback, may it be the online release of songs, the physical sales of the albums, the music video teaser/s, the music video itself, and most especially the comeback performances and weekly performances!

Here are other information about their 6th album, including the schedule of comeback performances and other related news.

Important Dates to Remember

According to Super Junior Official Website, the boys will comeback after about a week of album online release in M-Net M! Countdown, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on July 5, 7 and 9, respectively. KBS Music Bank comeback will be on July 13, 2012.

Also, they will perform in Yeosu Korea Big Wave Concert on the 21st of July.

Other performances will take place on July 12, 2012 for M-Net M! Countdown, July 13, 2012 for KBS Music Bank, July 14, 2012 for MBC Music Core and July 15, 2012 for SBS Inkigayo. The rest of the weekends’ performances are not yet updated, but for Super Junior’s full schedule for the month, look at our “Activities” text widget in the sidebar just below the “Projects” text widget, or visit Super Junior Official Website and click Schedule.

So mark your calendars already and start anticipating!



Songs Included in the Album and Lyrics

There are rumors about the song titles for this album, but the only way to confirm it is by waiting for July 1, 2012 to come. It is the digital release of songs from the album.

The lyrics are included in the one-minute preview in music sites where the songs are going to be released. I will try to find the lyrics and romanize the Hangul lyrics and post it in this blog.

Online Music Sites and One-Minute Previews

You can listen and download in Naver Music, Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, M-Net and others. You can only free trial for 1 minute if you are an international ELF, and you cannot download it as far as I can remember. But listening to the one-minute trial will help Super Junior to make their music number one, not only in terms of awards but also in popularity. For more information, click here.

It is advisable NOT to share the mp3 download links after being downloaded from the music sites above. Don’t forget to still listen to the one-minute previews in those music sites and of course, to fully support Super Junior, one must buy the albums. Our problem is, when the full songs are already downloaded, we tend to forget to listen to the one minute previews of songs. Listening to the previews will surely help Super Junior to win, as mentioned in the above’s link.

Album Physical Sales and Preorders

The physical sales will be on July 4, 2012 in different music stores in Korea. There are different online sites where you can preorder or buy the album. Just make sure that you canvass for the price of the albums before settling to buying. Also, see for the quality of the album and freebies included. Lastly, you have to make sure that they buy the album from a music store where physical sales are counted for Gaon and Hanteo charts.

The album is 217mm x 308mm x 17mm and 860g. It includes 84-page photobook and poster, depending on where you will buy it. It is estimated that the album costs about 23,000won, but I am still not sure.

You can preorder here. Order albums from YesAsia and DVD Heaven. You can also buy album with poster in tube from YesAsia and DVD Heaven.


Japanese Release

Sexy, Free & Single album will be released in Japan as well on August 22, 2012. It will include Our Love Japanese version, PV, jacket making, and others. It costs Y1870, I think. I will provide information for this later.



Songs To Be Performed During The Comebacks

Of course, the title track “Sexy, Free & Single” will be performed by Super Junior, so better get ready with the fanchants! I will update you about the fanchants by the time Korean ELF already release it. Probably, it will be released on or after July 1, 2012 when the songs are already released online.

Also, during the comeback stage, Super Junior will also perform an RnB song “From You”, which is also included in the album. It describes the relationship of two lovers that likens the relationship between fans and celebrities. This will be performed as a gift from Super Junior to ELF.

Some fans are saying that the song could possibly be this, from Super Show 3 VTR, but who knows? Let’s just watch their comeback and prepare for the comeback stage!

Fan Chants

As I said, I will update you about the fan chants. The fan chants are important, even if you are not there in the studio itself, you must be able to shout your support while watching via live streaming, via YouTube, or via video downloads.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of the performances are highly recommended especially to the international fans who do not have Korean channels such us M-Net, KBS, MBS and SBS. Live streaming is also recommended to those who have no classes or work during the streaming time.

M-Net M! Countdown starts at 6PM KST every Thursday, KBS Music Bank starts at 6:10PM KST every Friday, MBC Music Core starts at 4:10PM KST every Saturday and SBS Inkigayo starts at 3:50PM KST. KST or Korean Standard Time depends on your country. Please be guided accordingly.

There will also be some streaming sites after the show. What’s the difference between live streaming and streaming? Live streaming is, by name, live, while streaming means that the video record of the performances is posted in other streaming sites after the main show so that if you miss it, you can easily watch it.

As for live streaming and streaming sites, I will provide a separate post about it as well as the fan chants. Please keep posted!

Watching On YouTube

If you miss the live streaming or you cannot find a streaming link, then your third resort is watching the video on YouTube. There are some accounts that upload the performances, and the most famous account is CrazyCarrot who has  different accounts for different music show or programs. Most frequently, M! Countdown performances will be uploaded in CrazyCarrotExtra2, KBS Music Bank in UnknownCarrot180, MBC Music Core in CrazyCarrotNew210, and SBS Inkigayo in CrazyCarrotNew310, but he/she does not update anymore (or depends, probably). Some users upload as well.

KBS Music Bank performances are also uploaded in SMTOWN Official YouTube account or Super Junior Official YouTube account. Super Junior Official Facebook account may post the links for the performances. SBS Inkigayo performances in YouTube are usually blocked by SBS, so better watch it through live streaming or streaming, or just find the YouTube links faster.

Every performance date, I usually post all the YouTube links of the video of performances.

Downloading the Performances

Many good friends in Twitter upload the torrent magnet link of the performances all in HD or HQ I guess. Some download it via Mediafire (or before Megaupload), or some download it from YouTube by YouTube Downloader and Converter and other downloading sites. Downloading performances is fans last resort to watch or save the performances in our memories (in our case, laptops or desktops or macs or whatnot). It is not actually bad to download the performances for future use.

Credits: Super Junior Official Website, Korea Star Daily, allrisejewels, SJ Market


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