(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Ryeowook!

June 21, 2012. Time really flies that fast. To be honest, I forgot that it is already June 21. And guess what’s special about June 21? YES! OUR ETERNAL MAGNAE KIM RYEOWOOK’S BIRTHDAY! He’s already 26 in Korea and 25 here, yet he’s still that adorable, cute, and undeniably handsome guy who became my bias when I was sorta new in the fandom. I liked him way back in Happiness and Attack On The Pin-Up Boys. I’ll admit that I didn’t like his voice before but now, OMG. Especially when he reached that high note in Snow White, and when he sang in Immortal Song 2. His voice is versatile. And! HIS DJ-ING WITH SUNGMIN. Good to hear their voices everynight.

Oh well, like last year, I am still wishing you a good health, lots of blessings, prosperous career, and of course, a happy lovelife. :)) Happy yours days again!


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