(RP) Super Gals

Woot. It’s been a while…

I was being nostalgic so I watched Super Gals again. This anime really inspired me to write my first fanfiction ever. But that time, I didn’t know the word ‘fanfiction’ or ‘fanfic’. I just wanted to have a different ending for the manga turned anime, and as the anime was being angsty in the end, especially when the love stories were becoming more complicated for the three of the girls.

Super Gals has 52 episodes, 26 per season. Season 1 is mostly about how Ran, Miyu and Aya’s friendship begin, some arising and existing love stories, and arising rivalries. Season 2 is where their love stories are starting to develop, conflicts are arising and friendship is tested.

Super Gals is an anime with funny plots per episode. But there are times which are getting serious. I like the balance in it. It shows an ordinary slice of life yet extraordinary situations.

I have really liked angsty stories ever since I was young. I liked reading those kinds of things.

I planned to write a different ending for the series because I didn’t like that Aya and Rei got together in the end. When I watched the first few episodes, I thought that Ran and Rei would end up together. I noticed that in the anime and in the manga, although Otohata was not showing it, he had a secret crush on Kotobuki, especially in the first episode where Ran tried to get the bag from Rei. He looked like he was amazed about her – that she was not the typical kind of gal who would give in, especially to the likes of Rei. He’s so popular and the girls were all into him. Except for Ran. Well, if I were a character in the series, I would have liked to hangout with Rei as often as possible, and I would have a crush on him.

But Ran’s different. She didn’t have a crush on Rei. She could read a person’s character. Not that Rei’s bad but she didn’t see him as someone who would pass as her boyfriend.

She was so carefree, and she had principles in life which were being inspiring. I’ll admit that I don’t go along with some of her principles and whatnot but they are kind of acceptable. Also, her point of view in life was surprising. She lacked intelligence, and usually slacked in class, but hey, at least she knew her choices very well.

She also had a good sense of style. I don’t usually dress like her, but I’ll give salute to her style. I even wanted to have a streak of red hair because of her and buy more accessories.

Anyway, back to ReiRan pair, I think tht Rei REALLY liked Ran up until the second to the last episode. Here are the reasons why. Episode 1 was their first meeting, though they already crossed paths during Ran and Rei’s earlier lives (Miyu’s episode about her being a gang leader). It was destiny. The first episode showed also that Ran fell directly to Rei’s motorcycle, and there, they seemed to had a link that was cut later in the series.
Rei’s being cold to her although not directly.

Also, when Ran became a studious girl, he was riding his motorcycle towards different direction, but knowing that Aya and the others were finding that video game machine that would bring back the old Ran, he chased for the truck that was carrying the machine. And his eyes showed that he was determined to do so.

Then, the episode where he was interviewed. He stated that he liked no one in particular, and later when he was asked about the person he disliked, he named Ran (different episodes). In my point of view, he had an exact person in mind already. And he never showed that he disliked Ran in anyway. He could at least be annoyed, like what he told Aya – that she was irritating. But he never said that.

When Ran had a date with someone, he was the first one to react. Given the fact that he knew that the guy was paid, it showed that he really cared for Ran. And his eyes was really into that couple.

When Ran was sulking, he was the first one who approached her.

When Ran changed into a different girl again, that was when she changed into a cop, he helped her by catching the culprit.

When someone was using Ran’s name to steal, Rei came to the police station and told Ran that he was a suspect too, but he never was.

He did everything that Ran wanted him to do, unknowingly. Theywere both in a restaurant when Aya called and he said something to her just like what Ran told him to do. When Ran told Rei that Aya liked him, he was about to say something to Ran before everyone arrived. Yes, Ran liked it when everyone obeyed him, and Rei was different that he would refuse first then later, give up. He could not resist Ran. But why? Because she was his friend? Of course not. Rei did it only with her. Ran asked him to come in a festival, so he came. When Yuya and Mami went for karaoke, Ran told him to join, and he joined.

During one of the episodes where Aya broke up with Katase, and in the end, Rei ended up talking to Ran. He asked why he was always getting involved in it, and Tatsukichi told him that it was Ran’s power, he agreed and smiled, and when Tatsukichi asked him if he was crushing on Ran, he just excused himself without denying it.

When Aya asked him if he liked Ran, he said that he liked her while looking directly at her and refused Ran’s chocolate for Valentine’s day because it was done out of obligation.

And when Ran asked him to tutor her, and he refused as Ran sulked, he showed a genuine smile that he only showed to Ran. When the rumor arised that they were dating, he didn’t confirm nor deny it. When Ran asked him to help them find Aya, he immediately helped them. But in this episode, he was starting to fall out of love with Ran and he was being confused.

The last three episodes showed the shift of Rei’s feelings. Maybe he realized that he could not love Ran because she already had someone else. He needed to give up. Or maybe, he was just testing Aya’s faithfulness and courage for their relationship.

I will admit that I don’t like Aya and Rei’s pairing. I disliked Aya. I disliked her guts until the second to the last episode.

Her character was too persistent about pursuing his love for Rei that she became obsessed about it. She even hated Ran without letting her explain her side. She was intelligent, but she didn’t use it. She was making bad decisions. She became a different girl because of man. She got a new boyfriend after Rei just to avoid the issue of Rei dumping her. Lastly, what I didn’t like about her was she was always going with the flow, trying to match up with Rei as often as possible. There isn’t wrong about having hopes when it comes to love, but Rei’s being cold to her. Yes, he’s her first love but she must knew her limits.

I hate to admit that I was more like Aya than Ran. Especially in the last episodes.

About Tatsukichi and Ran’s love story, I am not against them. They look good together to be honest because they match. But I am sorry for Yuya although he fell for Mami too. I’d like Yuya and Ran more than Tatsukichi and Ran, but I liked Rei and Ran the best. Their pairing shows that opposites do attract, although Ran was not attracted to him. Their pairing would have brought surprise to the readers and viewers, matching up the level of surprise that the series and manga initially brought. There are lots to learn in this anime. And it is very rare.

Aya should end up with Katase… and Miyu of course with Yamato.

Although the series had a different ending, and I was only a bit satisfied about it, I would still declare that my OTP is Ran and Rei.

Rating: 4.7/5

Iron clad rules! Fighting!


One thought on “(RP) Super Gals

  1. wow.. thank you so much for this!

    i couldn’t agree more! i like ran and rei to be together.. but then again, we can’t really have everything that we want. ^^ at least, ran and rei had their moments together..

    sigh.. but i still wish it has a different ending. if ran and rei did end up together, it would be so sad for aya after everything she has done for rei. so they need to end up with one another.. 😦 to show that fairy tales do come true because of persistence and belief.. sigh.. too bad..

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