(RP) Missing

This video looks so wrong. I know that I spazzed at Sungmin and all for speaking Japanese… and English. But while watching, I kept on searching for Leeteuk…

I will admit that I didn’t look for Siwon because I knew that at least he would be back. Teuk will be back also after the military service but I still am sad about it. He’s my bias… and seeing no Leeteuk in that video… it was weird. And he’s still not entering the army yet. What more if he will already enter the army? Will I miss him still? Will I watch Super Junior past videos just to see him?

I can imagine it… I’ll be whining because two years is so long. I’ll be tweeting everyday how much I miss him. Or will I move on and be quiet about it? What will I feel?

I don’t know what I will feel.

If I’m feeling like this now, what more when that time comes?

I decided to save money and go to Korea on October. At least I’ll get to see him no matter what it will take.


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