(RP) A Question

When will I see Super Junior in person again?

Because of all these dramas which are not even worth discussing, everything’s becoming a mess. Everyone’s overreacting.

I’ll only say this once. I have loved Leeteuk because of ALL the positive and negative things about him. Those things make him Leeteuk, the only one in the world. He is the only one in this world.

I might not be different from his fans who love him and who want to protect him, he might not know me personally, he might not even know I exist, but I promise that I will always be here for him no matter what. All of us will.

As of now, I just want to hug and hold his hand forever. Even if it’s impossible, I know that it’ll come true someday. He deserves it.

And guess what… I’m not going to let go.


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