(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Zhoumi!

Since my allergy is really hindering me to write a long message for our birthday boy, I would just make it brief. My eyes are really swollen and I am still finding a way to write this because Zhoumi is special to my heart. Hihi. I promise that I would turn off the laptop already.

Happy birthday, dear Zhoumi~ Gentleman of many ELF here in this world. I hope you would have a blessed and a wonderful day… Only two-three hours remaining, so I hope you had a blast! I also hope that he would come and visit us again in the Philippines because seriously, I miss him. I miss his warm voice that made me fall for him last Super Show 2 Manila. I want to see him again… who doesn’t?

I hope he would have a Twitter… so that I could message him. Hihi. Even though he wouldn’t read it, I still would want to. I hope, the next days of his life would be meaningful and that he would be stronger.

Happy birthday again! :”>


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