(RP) Welcome Back, Kangin!

Two years of waiting is finally over. Welcome back, our precious Korea’s Number 1 Most Handsome Guy Racoon Kangin! \m/

Two years is not really that long to be honest. Time passed and of course, there were times that you were being thought of and being missed. But I tell you, there wasn’t any day that you weren’t missed. Hihi. Now that you’re back, and you already fulfilled your promise that you sang in A Short Journey, this is the right moment to say that you are worth the wait.

There is still uncertainty about your comeback with your brothers, Super Junior, but then I guess I still have to wait. It’s Kangin. I tell you, he’s worth the wait.

I hope he would tell the stories behind the army… on how he changed and how he grew. And of course, on how he missed the members. This is a bit dramatic for every ELF but then it would be worth it because at the end of the day, these memories will be forever kept. At least, there would come a time when we could recall these memories to remind us that we learned to appreciate and we learned to love something that was worth it.

The pictures didn’t make me cry… Why? All I can feel is happiness. Pure happiness that I can’t feel any doubt about how I love these boys. Although there were other members who couldn’t make it, I was still happy. I thought Teuk would not meet Kangin… but he came! ♥ I was so happy. But I was quite saddened by the fact that the first one who would hug someone who was discharged would be one to enter the army next. I knew that he would go too. But… I’m not yet prepared… T-T 😦

And Sungmin, I knew you wanted to hug Kangin too~ If you know what I mean. Hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho. Okay I’ll stop now.

Group hug was amazing! ♥ I would like to see it in the future too.

Goodluck with your new life, Youngwoon~♥ I would look forward to see you.


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