(RP) Too Many Stories to Tell

As the title says, there are so many stories to tell.

Being away from the ‘civilization’ – no Internet connection, no phone signal, lack TV time – for a long time isn’t bad at all~ Many things happened, and many things were forgotten that easily. Even so, there were lot of things to backtrack, and I felt so lost.

No one actually knew that I went away from the city… No warnings, no goodbye messages or so. Who cares anyway? But I am not sad nor angry… It’s better that you don’t exist sometimes than everyone is looking after you – you’ll feel tied or anything. Trust me, sometimes, it is better to be alone for a moment. For self-reflection… or for slacking and doing nothing. Just lying there alone, with your laptop on (or a book opened), reading something or watching something that would probably interest you while the cool, clean and refreshing breeze touches your face – it’s a nice feeling, I tell you.

What’s better than waking up in the middle of the night after a short nap and seeing a salamander on top of your door? What’s better than insects that were with you throughout the night? What’s better than waking up thrice or more in span of two hours each but then when morning came, you felt like you slept well? What’s better than being bullied by your younger cousins and family members because you acted like a kid even if you were nineteen years old? What’s better than your toenail being completely removed even though you didn’t know why or where it was removed? What’s better than your most precious teddy bear’s eye was accidentally removed? What’s better than having cuts and bruises even though you didn’t know where they came from? What’s better than walking under the sun? What’s better than being sick for three days? What’s better than staying in province? What’s better than the highest government official came to your house when you were least prepared, and that official gave a speech about your family in front of many people? What’s better than having a movie marathon late at night because you could not sleep properly? What’s better than swimming without completely wetting yourself? What’s better than your family being complete because someone died?

The irony… Life is still good.

I enjoyed experiencing others except the last one. There were still conflicts between family members as of now – my grandfather had been taken to his last home now, but the conflicts were still there.

I am still praying for his peace in heaven with God.

These experiences taught me to be happier in life because surprises come to completely change you and how you see the world.

For a week and a half of staying there, I am sure no one would actually notice you. But who cares about that? I learned things. Good things that would improve me and would improve others too.

Goodnight~ I’m tired so I want to sleep already. Seriously. I’ll sleep now…


Tomorrow’s Kangin’s return! Opera Japanese PV Teaser was released! SS4 Shanghai and SS4 Paris happened! What else will come!?


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