(RP) There’s Always a Time for Goodbyes…

There’s always a time for goodbyes… I went to a culinary crash course this morning… and some minutes after I had gone home, my lolo passed away. When I went to him upon reaching home, I thought it was a whole lot different… There was something wrong about him. So I said, “Why is lolo like that?”

He was lying sideways and he was covered with blanket. I thought he was sleeping… so I decided not to disturb him anymore… I went up to my house, and then after some minutes again, I heard cries. I was playing Counter Strike that time. When Tito Randy got into an accident, I was also playing a game…

Then I went down again to their house and saw that my grandmother and her daughters were crying. My father was shaking my grandfather, thinking that he would be revived again… but it was too late. I couldn’t cry, but I was expecting him to wake up. I touched his arm… but it’s no use.

That feeling when you were able to see and touch a loved one when he was about to go…

Goodbye Lolo Rod. At least you would be in Heaven now with God. You would never experience suffering anymore. You’ll be forever missed.


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