(MOD POST) Happy birthday Han Geng and Siwon!

Today is Han Geng’s birthday and tomorrow’s Siwon’s, so I’ll merge my messages in one birthday post.

Han Geng… even though he’s not in Super Junior now, I still am happy that I’ve known him with Super Junior. I don’t know if he’s better off with or without Super Junior, however, I am still happy that he made his own decision. I am a bit sad and angry though… He was the first one to break the promise. But still, I am happy for him because I think that he stood up for himself. Currently, he’s doing well in his home country so I doubt if he is sad at all. Okay enough this… I want to say happy birthday our Chinese man. You’re still a Super Junior member in our hearts.

Siwon… it’s not his real birthday tomorrow though… but because he considers it his birthday then fine… happy birthday! =)) This man is so special because he has two birthdays… but I’m more special because everyday is my birthday! LOLJK. Anyway… kidding aside, I seriously loved this man because he appreciated our country and PHELF when he came here along with Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun. It was a surprise visit. Haha! I was really surprised that I wanted to fly to the airport and meet him, but I am in Cavite at that time… LOL. Thanks to him, the fans knew where they were. And OMG. He went to London. He’s teasing me (indirectly though) because he was so near Baker St. He should have had taken pictures of Sherlock’s Museum. -_- But then, it’s still alright. Siwon knows what his fans love… keep it up. \m/ And his Skip Beat drama as Ren Tsuruga (Du He Lian) OMG. He’s perfect. Haha! I’ll admit that Donghae (Bu Po Shang / Sho Fuwa) looked cooler but starting episode 4 I fell in love with Ren all over again because of Siwon. I wish that you would have a good day and a good year as well – prosperity and happiness be with you and Han Geng. But Siwon… please stop chasing after your favorite dongsaeng. D: That’s my only request. Please? LOL Thanks!

That’s it… I wish you both happiness and tons of love in the future.


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