(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Kyuhyun!

Kyuhyun! Happy birthday! Saengil Chukhahamnida!

25th. 24th here.

He’s my first bias in Super Junior. I watched him performing with Charice and I was so impressed with his voice and his pronunciation. Actually, I didn’t find him that attractive at first but when I watched him in mini drama, the one with Sungmin then with Solbi, I found him so handsome. I really liked his voice so much that I set his voice as a benchmark. For me, he had the most excellent voice. To think that he is a bass, and he can actually reach the tenor, even the alto and soprano by falsetto. He has a huge voice range. Even though his tone wasn’t a smooth as Yesung’s, I still think that Kyuhyun sings the best. I’m sorry Yesung… I’ll just say this again on your birthday. Hoho. Let us give Kyuhyun a chance. LOLJK.
When I learned about the accident, I was really shocked that even though I was just a new fan then, I cried a lot. Then I really was amazed when miracles worked for Kyuhyun. I was asking myself… what if Kyuhyun did not survive? Would I ever meet Super Junior? It was because of him why I am addicted to Super Junior right now. I am very thankful to him… Also, to think that he had his lungs severely affected, and as a singer, he would greatly be affected as well, miracles happened and he recovered. I was also amazed about the fact that despite of that tragedy, he still did a great job as a singer. He was a professional – he managed to give his best during Don’t Don days even though he hadn’t recovered that much yet. Miracle Kyu… you are one of a kind.

Behind his evil appearance as a magnae on TV, I can see his good and caring heart to others. He is one of those people who bow in front of the staff, of ELF and everyone to give thanks. When I saw him on Super Show 2 Manila, I thought that this guy was not only a singer but also a true performer, because he did a great job and despite of his sickness, he still gave that warm smile that everyone became so happy. Super Show 3 was the same. He was smiling all the time.
Kyuhyun, I have so many things to say to you. You are still one of my top biases in Super Junior and I want you to know that I wish you all the best… all the blessings be with you. Be happy and be thankful. Stay the same. But please don’t be too secretive… I can tell that you are hiding some secrets. Haha. And please don’t be too jealous about… things… You’re too obvious… but I love to see you like that. LOL. Lastly, I want you to tell that person the things you want to say. We are waiting.

Please enjoy SS4 Taiwan more. We love you!

P.S. Please upload a selca on Twitter. Or a caked face. Or Super Junior celebrating your birthday. Or you with Sungmin. Any of those will do.

P.P.S. Yes, I’m over-delusional. Deal with it.


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