(RP) Retreating…

So… I’m going to post about our retreat…

I went to pack things the night before our retreat. I brought three sets of clothes… which I all used, by the way. I also packed some necessary things. I didn’t forget my Rosary as well. I would always bring that.

The next day, I was having trouble with my bag, because I didn’t want to bring a shoulder bag… I mean, I wanted to bring a backpack, but my mother told me not to. I didn’t know why. Anyway, so I went to school at 11:30am. Our bus was scheduled to depart at 12:45pm. So basically, I had almost an hour to travel. Then on my way to school, my bestfriend texted me and asked me if where I was, it was 11:39am, so I thought that I mistook the departure time. I thought I was late and I could not go to retreat anymore because the bus might have left already by the time I arrive. Then I didn’t have a load then, so I couldn’t reply. I was still nervous that time.

But then, I realized that they were still there… and I was right, the bus would depart at 12:45pm. It actually departed at 1pm. We waited for someone to call us… but no one did, and apparently, almost all of my bus mates were inside the bus already, so my friends and I were almost out of seats. I was particularly pissed at this one girl who tended to put her bag on a seat, but she wasn’t sitting beside the bag. She sat beside someone in front. Argh, she was so irritating. She could have brought the bag with her and let others sit on those seats. So my bestfriend and her boyfriend, also my bestfriend weren’t able to sit together because of that. I actually thought it was my fault… because I told them to sit with us, but only I and my other friend sat together. My bestfriend was so grumpy by then… she wouldn’t like to talk to me. Hoho. Well, that’s my feeling.

Anyway, inside the bus, my friend seated with me and I had a good talk about driving. Haha! I was watching The Day After Tomorrow but the quality of the DVD wasn’t good, so I just listened to some songs. We arrived at the retreat house by 2:30pm. Yes, we traveled for so long. The retreat house was beside Makiling Highlands, therefore, we were practically on Mount Makiling. I swear, the view was fantastic. I remembered when my family went to Makiling Highlands. Sigh.

The road was so steep that we had to go out the bus and start walking up to where the retreat house was located. So, because we had a lot of things inside our bags, we had a hard time to go up. We felt that it was a hiking. Haha! But I tell you, it’s fun! We were feeling so happy when we reached the retreat house. Good thing it was a bit cloudy that time – we didn’t really sweat a lot. We joked that if someone would push us, we would just roll over from the top.

The retreat house was so clean, so nice, so quiet, so peaceful, so beautiful not after we arrived. Hehe. We were too noisy, and I really felt second-hand embarrassment. We were then called for orientation in the chapel, then they gave us our keys to the rooms.

The room was perfectly neat. Beautiful. We had our own bathroom! It was like a hotel, except that there was no air conditioner. It’s okay though, because it was too cold. The breeze was cold. We had three beds and seriously… it was so beautiful that I wanted to stay there forever. LOL. For seconds I thought that being a nun was my calling. I enjoyed the view outside… from the terrace. We saw the lake.

Then after putting our things inside the room, we were called to eat snacks. It was my first time to eat Ginataan, although my mother and father cook it. It was our snack. Then after thirty minutes, our first session began. After that, we performed the Passover meal where we drank wine and ate different kinds of food with different kinds of taste. The red wine tasted good, I tell you. Then we ate our dinner. It was sumptuous. After that, we went to view the deck and the lights were really awesome to look at. We could see the whole Calamba from the rooftop. It relaxed me. Then, we started our next session and we went to confession.

Then, it was bed time. I was the last one to fall asleep. It’s always like that. Although I was so sleepy at that moment, I managed to sleep at 1am. I honestly could not sleep at all. I didn’t know why, but whenever I fell asleep I would wake up again. I even caught my bestfriend whose bed was beside mine sat down then lie down again. I asked her if she was still awake, but I received no answer. From then on, I listened to the radio and fell asleep. Then I woke up again. The phone had shut down. So I didn’t know the time. And I slept again. After hours of sleep, my roommates woke me up and told me that it was already six – it was time for me to get up and take a bath. They already took a bath before me… so I was the last one. Then we went out to eat breakfast. Believe it or not, we were the first ones to go inside the dining hall. Haha! Then after that, we toured the place again and went to the lecture hall for our next session. Then we ate our snacks again, then session. After the fifth session, we ate our lunch. Then we attended the mass later on. The priest was amazing – I confessed to him last night.

It was then the time to say goodbye. We ate our snacks on the bus. By then, we were the first ones to go inside and find a seat. Then we bid farewells to the retreat house and left. In the bus, we watched Catch Me I’m In Love. And I was giddy all over again. We arrived earlier than usual.

That was it. We prayed, ate and slept at the retreat house. I was relaxed because I had time to reflect and be with God… I was normally busy. There were lots of realizations and insights. For me, this was the most awesome retreat ever.

This is it… 🙂

Now, I’m going to watch Sherlock again. I’m too addicted to it. \m/

P.S. Thank you Teuk for following Sungmin on Twitter!


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