(RP) Improbable Theory

So… I deleted my post about the “Improbable Theory” because… I was not really prepared to write it. I actually didn’t know where to start, until now.

I’ve seen The Reichenbach Fall for about five times now. In some instances, I felt that I was already getting it, but then another theories enter my mind that may or not be possible.

Before that… let’s talk about how I knew Sherlock.

To be honest, I didn’t like television series because they made me emotional and stuff. I never read Sherlock Holmes’ books which were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though I heard of them already. The last time I heard about Sherlock was when I was watching Fairly Odd Parents, that episode when Sherlock was about to say Timmy’s parents names. After that, nothing followed.

But then… my professor in Humanities in Literature showed in class Sherlock: A Study in Pink by BBC One. Although not a fan of Harry Potter but grew an interest with Snape, I thought that Sherlock resembled Snape. I wasn’t that of a fan then, but enjoyed watching it. I actually watched the second and third episode after the class and I liked them, but never got interest to know when would be the next airing dates. I actually watched this first before Merlin which was my most favorite television show.

I learned that Sherlock’s season 2 aired last January 2, I think… and watched it. I found Benedict Cumberbatch so attractive! Well, who wouldn’t!? I wasn’t interested in plot not after A Scandal in Belgravia. I loved Hounds of Baskerville and proclaimed it to be my favorite episode of all… so far. Then came Reichenbach Fall and dang, I actually cried. Fudge everything… everything… my emotions were just… T-T I still cried during the second time… but not for the third time, but it was still heartbreaking.

Adding to heartbreaks was the freaking theory why Sherlock didn’t die. At first, I thought that Sherlock jumped into the truck which was shown after the fall. But then, who fell? It might be Moriarty in Sherlock’s mask. Clue – it was used when the children were kidnapped. Second, the person who fell was the ‘person’ being tied in the neck by a rope in Sherlock’s house, and he asked Molly to help him. That was what he was asking for before the fall, or about Mrs. Hudson fake gunning incident. There was an opened window, and because a building was obstructing John’s view of Sherlock who jumped off the building. Before that, Sherlock calculated everything: the height where he stood, the cyclist, the building, and the truck. Everything. Remember the first episodes: Sherlock liked to observe from a height.
One thing as well… the coffee being drank by the three officials who were responsible for the three locations. The coffee wouldn’t spill without a person who would spill it. That was why Sherlock needed the help of Molly.

Why Molly? John would not help. John was a target. Only available and most available person was Molly. She was in the hospital.

But what was the meaning of IOU? There are two possibilities. First, IOU may be read as “I owe you”, meaning that he needed someone’s help. Or second, IOU may mean something related to the three problems… the solutions of the problems… although I still don’t know what they are.

But what was the missing clue? Still not aware of it though.
So far… this is it.

I’ll add some… but I can’t wait till season 3.

And season 5 of Merlin.


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