(RP) Roller Coaster

This day seems to be a roller coaster.

We bought corporate attires which cost five thousand pesos. OTL… We ate and almost spent a thousand. What the hell.

And my eye still hurts. -_-

I think I have a sty or something. -_-

Anyway… That WGM thing. I am not against the fact that they are doing WGM but can’t they participate one by one? 😦

And yes… that’s it. Time to spend the rest of the day doing stuff. Hoho.

I don’t think when I can blog again… I will be so busy. As if you cared. Hoho.

Aw. I can feel the pressure… and the term is just starting. 😦

I hope Leeteuk would do a massive fantalk using Twitter whenever he’s bored. Haha. Answer his fans’ tweets/questions like before. Hoho.

I don’t have good memories about those ‘fantalks’ though.

Okay… Asa naman ako.


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