(RP) Needing to…

Oh my gosh, I was so late… I just heard that Sherlock had its second season already… so I wanted to download the video and watch it.

And Asa Butterfield is in Hugo 3D! OTL I’m so watching it. I really like his character as Mordred in Merlin. I don’t really like Mordred’s character because he’s going to kill Arthur, but then… Asa is so cute. Haha. So I can’t hate Mordred enough. 🙂

Anyway… Siwon, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk were here, but I didn’t see them because I wasn’t able to go. But I don’t regret it… I wanted them to have good memory here, but then when they would see me, they would end up having a nightmare. Hoho. And besides… they needed to be alone… even though they were not so alone because people went to support them. There were little commotion and some misunderstandings and cancelled events. I just hope that they would come home safely. And I am also sorry on behalf of some people who could not control themselves… Though when I was on that same position I would do that. Haha. I’m just joking.

Siwon had a good time here. I was glad. And even though he spelled Philippines wrongly, I still appreciate his tweet. Really. It made me so happy that I wanted to jump until I get tired. I seriously love you for doing that.

(I won’t say something about that deleted tweet again to avoid issues. And to avoid comparisons.)

And when I saw Kyuhyun’s retweet in English, I would want to cry. OTL Kyuhyun why are you like this!? You spelled Philippines correctly, and you tweeted in English. Life couldn’t be better. Hoho. Speaking of Kyuhyun… he was the topic in Sukira. OTL Why are you always talking about Kyuhyun in Sukira? Of course I like it. Hoho. Okay, s-um-egway na naman ako.

And Hyukjae. I wasn’t able to see your aegyo and awesome Fame dance. I could have been singing along with you. Hoho. And I didn’t see your hair which I found really nice. 😀

The three of you, we’ll meet again. Thanks again!

Okay… so Leeteuk tweeted a lot awhile ago. He spammed. Well, I don’t have any comments about it. And I am avoiding the issue.

I watched Skip Beat Episode 3 and gosh Ivy Chen you’re awesome. And really… I love you Siwon and Donghae. Haha. Although I hate Donghae’s character that I wanted to punch him on the face.

Only 2 days left before classes again. Argh… Third term is coming… I’ll be graduating next year. Hoho. I’m so excited to graduated, but not to work. Haha!


Must be doing something relevant. Hoho. Goodnight… see you in my dreams.

 P.S. I don't hate you now. But I still can't forgive you until I know the reason. 


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