(MOD POST) Happy New Year And Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin!

It’s new year and only a new year! Nothing more, nothing less! Just joking. It’s our Lee Sungmin’s birthday.

Twenty-seven (twenty-six here) years of being awesome… that’s Lee Sungmin. It was 1986 when a child who would actually change the lives of many people and kill fangirls as well was born. And I am never regretting the day when I become a fan of yours, Lee Sungmin.

This guy ages backwards, and every year, he grows lesser. By less, I mean, age proportioned to looks. But this person, as another year is added to his age, he becomes an epitome of awesome. Nice, it’s rhyming. As he says that he doesn’t improve… or he does not become better, the more people think that he improves and also, he becomes the ideal type of guy of more and more women. Despite of his inferiority complex (yes, Sungmin, that’s your only problem), many of his fans, including me of course, really think that he is one of the superiors. I mean, he thinks that he’s always in the middle, or even bottom, but seriously… he’s one of the best. Not being biased. Hehe. Let me state the reasons one by one. What can we ask for? He’s talented. From blowing bubbles to martial arts to flexibility to singing to playing musical instruments to dancing, what can he NOT do? Sungmin also is a great DJ and emcee. He also does not suck in terms of humor – he has it. Maybe not as much as others, but at least he tries.

He also has a good heart. As I can observe, he is the type of person who wants to take care of everyone. He is the type of person who is the most loved not only by members but also family, friends, fans. He might not able to notice that he is the most lovable member. To think that many mothers and even fathers love Sungmin. Actually, he is known very much. My family likes Sungmin very much… because they can sense that he is someone who has a good personality. Old people know best, you know? Even though I don’t know him personally, I still think that he is the kind of person who does not have bad personality. Maybe he has some flaws, but I look into his positive side, you know. I may be wrong because others who know him personally believe the opposite, I still believe in my impression and instinct. My impression and instinct never fails, I tell you. Hoho.

Anyway, as I see it, Sungmin is the closest to everyone. I don’t believe that he is awkward with Kangin, Leeteuk, Yesung and Donghae.
I think he is also someone who knows to cook. It’s rare to see men, especially celebrities who cook outstandingly, of course aside from Ryeowook and Hangeng and other men who cook. I haven’t eaten Sungmin’s ddukbokki but, as I see it, it’s mouth-watering.

Another fact is that Sungmin is rich. Hahaha! He is good-looking. Come on, don’t say that you don’t agree. Maybe he’s not as handsome as others, but tell me, who can be hot and cute at the same time? Only Sungmin can. Who can do different expressions? Sungmin can.
I want to describe Sungmin more, but I’ll end up writing a 10-page essay. One thing is for sure, Sungmin is my ideal guy. I want to have a boyfriend who is someone like him… or even marry someone like him. But why am I actually thinking about marriage already? Haha!

My message: Stop saying that you don’t improve at all. You have so many talents that make you stand out among the rest. You may not be the best in everything, but you are still that Lee Sungmin who makes everyone proud of. This is because you are already excellent for us. Do not listen to antis… or maybe listen to them, try to look into their points of view but do not change yourself because of them. Change because of yourself. Also don’t try to be perfect, or it’ll be really boring. Don’t be too monotonous, as Kyuhyun said. Speaking of Kyuhyun, I think you must hang-out together more. I miss you together so much. Why don’t you go back to Sorry Sorry era? Anyway… I must stop or I’ll end up writing an essay about KyuMin. Hehe.
Don’t worry about what others will say. It’s you who create your own destiny and not them. Besides, I believe in you, I always have.
Sadly, I can’t convey this message in Korean (or say it to you personally), but you ‘know’ what I feel and what I want to say, so happy birthday. Have a good day because it’s yours. Wishing you to have all the blessings in the world. You deserve it. I love you!


Happy new year everyone! It’s a whole new year! Time to change. What must I accomplish in 2012? For short term, just to finish the term as a Dean’s Lister even though I have so many major subjects. Also, I hope that I would be able to have a happy and peaceful life with my family and friends. For long term, I want to have more inspiration and reason to continue. Well… it’s my first time doing a resolution… I won’t actually tell everything. I wish to have a fruitful and meaningful year. 2012, here I come!


My precious Colin Morgan… actually, he’s not mine… but then, I want to greet him happy birthday as well. He has the same birthday as Sungmin. Believe it or not… he’s also born on January 1, 1986. Haha! My two Sungmins. Hoho. Happy birthday… wishing you all the best in the world. I’ll continue to support Merlin. Continue to be awesome. \m/


Oh well now… I’ll be celebrating the new year with my family… Be happy all of you! Happy new year!

P.S. I’m actually weird, I was saying that Sungmin should not change, but I keep on saying things that he should change. Oh well.


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