(RP) A Special Gift

Yes, this is for you Park Jungsoo… why are you always like this?

Whenever I feel like wavering and letting you go (as my bias), you always do something that makes me happy. Seriously, Jungsoo… you made me cry. You did it again… maybe it was the reason why I didn’t want to let him go as my number one. You never fail to surprise me. I am just hoping that I would be able to see you again… even if it’s not Super Show 4 in Manila… I don’t care what it may be… Just let me see you… even in my dreams… before you go and serve the army soon. But you  promised that you would continue the rest of  Super Show 4, right?

It was rare… I thought you never knew… or never cared about it if you knew about it earlier. It’s the thing I really wanted you to do ever since. I wanted you to recognize our efforts to make you number one, and to make you realize that we are doing the same things that others do. I’m really bitter about this, and it’s the greatest Christmas gift that I have received. Once again, thank you.

I couldn’t hold my excitement when I saw the word ‘Philippines’ in your tweet… I could not explain what I was feeling. I felt happiness, and guilt… that I wasn’t able to stop myself from crying. That was the best thing ever. I couldn’t even look at your poster. -_- I might be crazy but… never mind.


I don’t think I’ll be able to waver again because of this.

Only one thing is certain… a promise will not be broken.

I love you Park Jungsoo! Leeteuk ♥

Goodnight everyone!


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