(MOD POST) Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s Christmas eve! And later, it will be Christmas already! It’s the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Happy birthday, Jesus. Thanks for being here with us through family, friends, and loved ones.

Before anything else, I would like to say that I am very grateful that you guys are still here with me. I feel really special. If I have to thank all of you, it will be really long, but it’s Christmas! We must not be timid today!

I’m actually sick this whole week, so I wasn’t able to go outside my house except last Monday when I went to the hospital. I found out that… never mind, it’s not that bad. 😀

We don’t have any Noche Buena, I understand, because my father and mother were too tired to cook. I was able to prepare food, but too tired as well because I cleaned the house. But anyway, we’ll be eating tomorrow though, and later, if my neighbours have food! Eat ALL foods!

Okay, this is my message for each and everyone who inspired, inspires and will continue to inspire my life…

First, is for God, the Almighty. I know that I have sinned against You so many times already, but as time goes by, You are still with me. I can feel it. I am very thankful because You gave me life here on Earth, and also Jesus, the reason why we celebrate today. I also thank you for my grades, because of prayers, I also got strength to go on.  Thanks for my family, friends and my loved ones.

My family… you’ve been there for me always. Although we had fights and misunderstanding, I am still happy that I belong to this family. My father, I disliked your egoistic attitude at times because you don’t listen to me, to us when we are talking and explaining our side, but still, I know that you’re doing what’s best for us. You may not be the best example of being a father nor the best father, but you make me happy and cheerful because we keep on ‘bullying’ you whenever you are in a bad mood. And this Christmas, you cooked a delicious dinner.  You work and cook at the same time, so thank you for being my inspiration to be strong and to be courageous. To my mother, I tell you, you’re the best in this world. I have the best mother. I know that you care for us a lot because you love us, even though sometimes you’re being hot-tempered. I can understand, we make mistakes too. I love you both. Kim, my sister, the person I can spazz with everytime, especially with Super Junior, and my OTP, except for KyuMin because you hate it. We fight, but we become okay again. I am thankful. My whole family, we were separated physically, but not emotionally. I love you guys!

For my bestfriends, you know who you are. Hoho. Thanks for spazzing with me. Haha. Wala na akong masabi, kasi alam niyo na lahat ang kalokohan ko at mga gusto kong sabihin sa inyo. Salamat talaga nang marami. You’re always here for me whenever I have problems, or whenever I have something to spazz with. Even if we had some misunderstandings in the past, we still became okay, right? Hehe. Childish kasi masyado tayo eh. Mga inutil.  Thanks din. Because of you, we became Dean’s Lister, kahit na kayo first at ako ay second lang, thank you dahil tinuturuan niyo ako. Thanks sa tinuturuan niyo ako kung paano humanap ng boyfriend. Anak ng. Hindi ko kailangan, pero I still am thankful. Yung effort niyo, hindi ko matatawaran. Thank you! Sorry, I love you! At sa lovebirds diyan… Sana gawin niyo akong maid of honor sa kasal ha? 😀

My friends and classmates, thank you for being cooperative, and also thank you for being there whenever I need help in studies, and other things. Ewan ko kung friend niyo ako talaga, pero thank you pa rin. Masaya ako at nakilala ko kayo. If I didn’t meet you, what’s life? I learned from you. And I am living like this because of you. Thank you! To my enemies, kung meron man, sorry. I might dislike you and vice versa for some reason, but I am still grateful to you because you added fuel to the fire. LOLJK. You added color to my life. You taught me to fight and be strong. My teachers and professors, thank you po sa grades. \m/ You saw me as someone who is responsible, studious, respectful, kahit hindi naman talaga. Haha! Pero for reals, I love you for teaching me important things in life, not only for the subjects, but also morals.

My crushes. LOL. Thanks for being my inspiration. Yun lang naman ang masasabi ko. Minsan lang tayo nag-uusap, at yung iba bihira pa. Thank you because I learned to be contented in looking from afar… para sa iba sa inyo, kasi yung iba, nakakausap ko naman. Haha. Hindi niyo nga lang alam kung sinu-sino kayo. Hoho. Pero seriously, I am thanking you because without you, my life would be boring and dull. Minsan lang ako mag-spazz, di ba?

Failed Success. You have been my best-est friends in the world of KPOP, especially in Super Junior. You spazz with me all the time, and even though I’m inconsistent in terms of promises, you still have patience to tell me that it’s okay. I’m sorry for that. I love you guys. Nicklein, Ika, Alex, Marie, Benj, Diana and Kaycee, I love you all. We must meet again… together, complete. Woo Team. Like Failed Success, you are all special to me. All the members of Woo Team who spazz and support each other even outside the fandom, I am grateful to you. You know how much I love you all, right?

SJ-World family. Do you know that I really regret not working as a Reset these days? The year is ending, and I feel that I never did anything for this year. I am sorry for that. Next year, I will. Especially in summer. You are all special. I treat you as a family, even though our relationships are not that stable. I want to say thank you. It was my first time to join a forum and I met a lot of online friends around the world. I met a lot of friends, nice staffs and admins. Super Junior bind us as one. We had misunderstandings, and I, even indirectly, am sorry for that. I am thankful because you gave me a chance to prove myself. Again, thank you. ELF, even though sometimes I feel that there is something wrong about this fandom, everything becomes right because of our love for Super Junior. I love you. Let’s be friends! Everlasting friends… forever. Thank you! My other KPOP fandoms, same, but thank you. You all know who you are!
Twitter , Tumblr, Livejournal friends. I personally know some of you, but most of you, I am not familiar with. Although this is the case, I still want to meet you personally! ^^ And if not, let’s talk more in Twitter and Tumblr! Thanks for spazzing with me! Let’s run together! And read more fanfics!

To my Merlin and Sherlock fandom! I don’t really spazz about Merlin and Arthur and all (who am I kidding?), thank you for spoilers, for videos, for pictures, gifs and others. Colin Morgan and Bradley James, thanks for being my inspiration as well. Merlin is my favorite series. And will forever be.

To Sungmin, my ideal man. YES. I would like you to have twitter, not only me2day. LOL Kidding. If you don’t want to have twitter, it’s okay. Yes, that’s my only message for you. Joking. Even though you can’t really read this, I am still happy because I met you in person. Well, from afar, but still, it’s heaven for me. You are so talented… OTL Please give me talents. What can you NOT do, because you can do everything. Personality, talent, looks – you have it all. I’m thanking your parents because you were born. Haha! No kidding. Thank you for taking care of your hyungs and dongsaengs. Hoho. Thank you for being you! To Kyuhyun, please take care of Sungmin. You’re the person I trust about this, so please… OTL Thanks for your voice. Thanks for your witty and evil personality. Hoho. I’m a shipper, please don’t hate me.

To Super Junior. Thank you for being my ultimate inspiration. Where can I actually see guys who are prettier than me? Where can I see guys who are talented, have good personalities, are dorks, are awesome, are imperfect yet perfect (LOLWUT) people? It’s been almost four years being a fan… I still want to see you even for the last time. SS4 Manila, please? Can? Thank you and I love you. You might not be able to see or read this, but still… I love you all. I love you and forever I will. Okay… I’m being cheesy.

Someone thought that I missed him! You’re special, so you’re the last.

YOU, PARK JUNGSOO. LEETEUK, TEUKIE, ANGEL HAIR PASTA, AI TENSHI, ETC. My last thank you slash Merry Christmas message is for you. It’s been two years since I first become a Jungsoo-biased. There are ups and downs of being your fan. I promise myself that even though I am not really a loyal person, I am proud to say that you will always be my number one. Yes… Stop working this Christmas or I’ll tie you with Sora forever! But I guess, you would actually love that. Hoho. I am jealous.  No, just joking. I don’t know. This is insane, but… I love you. I will love you forever. You may not be my ideal man, but you are my most precious and most loved man in the world. If I get married, I would be introducing you to my future-husband. Hoho. Not personally though, because we may not be able to meet again. I am confident to say this because I will not meet you anyways. Hoho. Thank you, sorry, I love you.

I just hope you would have a good and merry and meaningful Christmas! I love you all!

P.S. Excuse for my grammar. I wanted to finish this earlier. Hoho.


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