(RP) I Did Nothing But…

I did nothing but lurk at Merlin Confessions in Tumblr the whole night… Well, actually, it’s a lie, since I was playing Tetris Battle.

Tetris Battle is so addicting, seriously. If you try it for the first time, you’d think that it is really amazing although Tetris was played years and years ago (brick game, anyone?) Tetris Battle in Facebook added some twists in it, which I thought worked.

Anyway, back to Merlin Confessions, I really agree with some of the confessions… some were opinions actually.

I’m talking about some random stuff here… hmmm… I juat want to kill time… maybe I can go to sleep now?


The episode when Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi) died never fails to make me cry. I seriously could not contain myself while watching it for so many times. I really felt the emotions when he died… but not as much for the other characters who died as well. Maybe because the other warriors of the Suzaku Seven, especially Miaka, really loved Nuriko that much that they could not believe he died. He was one of my most favorite anime character, although I really disliked her before in the first episodes. I admire his love for Miaka more than anyone… Of course, Tamahome too, but… Nuriko is really something special for me.


I watched EunHae’s performance in Music Bank hours ago. It was, in my opinion, cute. Hoho. EunHae wearing Christmas clothes is awesome… although, I must admit… that I still don’t like the song. Maybe it’s not my genre… but who cares? It’s EunHae!


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