I found the urge to read Oasis, one of my Filipino adventure-romance novels which was written when I was in third year high school. It was actually written in short bond papers… Yup, it’s purely handwritten – typing didn’t really fascinate me so… yeah. I actually spent almost seventy plus pages of bond paper… to think that it’s not yet finished. I decided to write 35 chapters all-in-all, and it’s still left unfinished until chapter 25 I think.

I wanted to continue this… but I lost my plot actually. I flew away along with the characters of the story, who were actually my high school friends and crush. Since I don’t have that feeling anymore… and my best friend who requested to write this novel for her and her high school crush who was a teacher also don’t have the same feeling for him anymore… So we don’t have inspiration. It’s too late to change the characters’ name, since I already incorporated the names with their ‘alleged’ personalities… Hoho. If I am going to change names, then I would have to type the whole thing all over again – that’s a waste of time. If I am going to write it using bond papers, it will also be costly.

Shall I write it again or not?

But seriously… the plot was really outstanding. Not being biased or anything… but I’ll admit… my writing skill sucked so much. It wasn’t really as consistent as I thought it would be. I guess I write better in English, except when you are going to consider some grammar and depth, that is.

It’s really awesome as I read it. The chapters are too short, but it’s full of combinations – romance, fantasy, adventure, drama, comedy, or whatnot.

I already finished two Tagalog novels, but I don’t know where they are… I think they are also handwritten. I typed the first story I’ve ever finished… and it’s already done in computer! Yey. I decided to write sequels: I have a list of titles, but I can’t continue them. Maybe because I am not really used to finishing what I started… so there.

Anyway… I really, really like this novel of mine. But I’m in the verge of continuing it for the sake of finishing it, or letting it unfinished. My choice… but I need help.

That’s about it… I’ll be waking up early tomorrow… but why am I still awake? Don’t worry, I’ll sleep now. Goodnight!

P.S. I’m craving for Cornetto Disk because it’s “you and me, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G~”

P.P.S. I am really jealous of my sister right now. She had the chance to ride the same jeepney as my ex-crush… And not only that, they are sitting side by side. T-T I want to see him again to make my feeling alive again~ LOL No, I’m just joking.

P.P.P.S. Oh yes… three days left before December 18. It has been two years, Jungsoo. Two years. ♥


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