(RP) One-Sided Requited Love

You always tend to ignore him a lot even though he cares about you a lot. You try to act cold around him but when you see him with another person you get jealous and angry. You also end up getting his attention again and there he is again, loving you. Please don’t make him wait anymore. Just tell him straight to the point. It hurts when a person doesn’t confess his or her feelings to someone who obviously loves him or her back. Don’t be too cold… there’ll be a time when he will leave you and you’ll be the most hurt. Or if you really don’t like him, tell him as well so that his world will not revolve around you alone. He deserves to be happy too. He always has this soft spot for you… why can’t you notice it? -_-

I practically hate you for ignoring him. But I still want you to be together even if it is impossible. If he ends up hurting… I don’t know what will happen. -_-


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