(MOD POST) Happy 6th Anniversary, Super Junior!

Today is a special day for every ELF in the world and most especially Super Junior. It is the anniversary of a group becoming a family, friends becoming brothers, an imagination becoming reality.

It is not an ordinary group. To keep a group longer, things, effort, time, power and even people who are important to the members are to be sacrificed. Although there is a risk of disbandment, a group that is together as one will be forever there and it will remain a legend forever. The world will know not only the group’s name but also its life, sacrifices, victories. And Super Junior, as an extraordinary group, is at that level.

I believe that they are being together, performing together and celebrating together not only for the physical benefits of working, unlike what others say, but also mental, social and emotional benefits. Super Junior has endured a lot of trials and still keeps on going. Sometimes, I feel that they are giving up, but no, they are still there, fighting for each other, helping each other, supporting each other.

Different boys, different personalities, different actions, different attitudes, different goals yet same dream, united with a very strong bond that is created and is kept stronger and stronger by times of hardships, trials and challenges.

Super Junior will always be painted in our minds and our hearts. These people influence everyone in their own ways, may it be good or bad, but still attached are lessons and experiences.

Happy 6th anniversary, Super Junior. I’ve been a fan for almost four years, and I am still counting. I hope that this family that I love will continue to grow through the years. We’ve been there, together in happiness or sadness, victory or defeat, good or bad. And I still am not regretting to be included in this fandom.

No words can express my happiness because Super Junior reaches this point. But there is only one thing.

We don’t give up. We will make it to ten, twenty, thirty…

To forever… to the rest of the eternity.

We will not be called as an EVERLASTING FRIENDS if we will not last long! Super Junior’s 6th year, congratulations!

P.S. Happy 5th anniversary KRY for yesterday. You’re my best subgroup and I love you. 😀


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