(RP) I Want to Have…

I want to have a big brother… I am the eldest in the family… So I really want to have one… I want someone who can protect me when people try to harm me. I want someone who can listen to me whenever I want to share something.

I imagine that everyday, he’ll be waiting for me as I finish my classes. We will be going home together, then he will either treat me to snack or to dinner, or when we get home, he’ll be cooking my favorite dish and we’ll eat it together. Then, I’ll be telling him my story – about school, or about random things. He’ll be listening to me even though at certain times, he’ll get bored because everything that I will tell him seems redundant. He’ll be patient. Of course, he’ll tell about what happened during his day too. Then when I rant, he’ll be listening to me and he’ll be really mad at that person who makes me upset. Then, at the end of the day, he’ll be telling me jokes and he will make me forget about my anger.

If only I could wish for a big brother, even for just one day, I would want it to happen…

Can you give me one? 😀


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