(RP) What to Do?

I’m really… uhh… tired this week. No enough sleep, although it’s not the hell week yet.

But yes, I can drive a car now. Although the car frequently stopped in the middle of the road because I forgot that I was pressing down the clutch. I thought that I was still in the passenger seat.

Of course, I am not really that good in driving. I’m just starting. But wow, I already traveled so far. There were some instances when the car behind me were pressing their horn. Although I was not really nervous, I just said that I was. They knew that I was a student driver… well, they were wanting me to drive faster.

It was a great experience. I will continue my lessons next time. I’ll be a great driver. Must purchase a car… but I don’t have the money to buy. But I don’t need a car. LOL What am I talking about? Did I just contrast myself there?

Incoherent. Must study now.

Saying hello to everyone… because I miss you all. 😀

Although I wasn’t really gone.

Field trip on Saturday!



You're my destiny...
You're my doom...



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