(RP) I Made It!

I made it! I am a Dean’s Lister for this term! This has been my dream in college… and now, it’s starting to come true. Thank you for being my inspiration. Even though I ‘avoided’ you, you’re still one of the reasons why I made this far.

When I was waiting for my grades, I was really nervous because I might not be able to get a chance to become a Dean’s Lister. Ever since I became a college student, I was really hoping to become a Dean’s Lister. I don’t know if it was because I was an accountancy student before, that was why I was not able to become a DL. And now that I am a marketing major, I am proud to become a DL.

I wanted to cry because of happiness, because my dream was becoming true. Although, next terms would be really tough for me to make it because I would be having my major courses, but still, I wanted to try. I did it this term, why would I not do it next terms? I’ll be more industrious.

Maybe, it isn’t really the grades that make our lives happier, or makes our lives more successful, but for a person to attain such honor – it was really a remarkable achievement. Thinking that when I stepped into college, I dreamed of becoming an honor student just like before, but it didn’t happen until now. It was a renewal of my goals in life. It is my self-fulfilment. I am not doing this because of myself but also for my parents who are doing their best. Although I don’t have the chance to be a cum laude, I still want to graduate with flying colors – honourable mention. At least I can return this to them. I thank God for fulfilling my wish. ❤

I still need more effort though. Must… resist… Leeteuk… and… Sungmin… Must… resist… Super Junior!

Or maybe… I can still be a SJ fan while studying. I just need to balance my time. 😉

I want them, somehow, to become proud of me. They succeed with so much sacrifices – I must also face them also with pride that I surpass all the challenges in life. I really, really want to prove that the antis are wrong – that Super Junior fans mostly forgets their real life, especially their studies.

My last wish before the next term begins again: I want someone special to my heart to say ‘congratulations’ to me. ^^



2 thoughts on “(RP) I Made It!

  1. Hi Ana,

    I came across your webpage while looking for lyrics to SuJu M’s 告白 (confession) and saw this post. First of all, Congratulations for making the Dean’s List! I too have been thinking alot about resisting the many charms and delights of SuJu. Let’s be strong together!

    I can’t wait for their comeback this week. ^_^

    have a good day, Yuan

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