(RP) Price

I am not easily affected by I think it’s how it goes. People who don’t know everything about the things and the persons I love… they do not have the right to bash them. I might be able to accept it if these people know how it feels, but they do not know how it feels to care and to have special things.

This things hurt me: my bias doesn’t understand how people bash him. If he does, he just turns a blind eye on them, and not care about them anymore. But I do. I do understand how people bash Leeteuk for the ‘mistakes’ that he did in the past and also, for the ‘deviant’ act for men – which is crying. I try not to be affected, but here it goes… it gets painful and painful. What’s also bad about this is that people who bash or comment about this are not really fans nor antis. I will really… I mean I will completely understand that they are doing that if they are antis. I will even perfectly understand more if it is from a fans mouth. But no. They do not know anything. They don’t know a single thing about it.

People can’t be so open-minded about it. I know that it is a little bit too much, because Heechul is NOT going to go permanently or whatever… But heck, when someone cries, it’s still painful for him or for her and even if it is only for two years. I don’t know why Leeteuk cried exactly, but I am definitely sure that the reason is either he is worried because of the ‘decreasing’ number of members on stage and that later he is also going to the army, or he will surely miss an important member in Super Junior. To think that crying is because he wants to get attention… wow. I am sane enough to compare genuine from fake.

And lastly, it’s how everything goes. No matter how hard I rant about it, there are still people who won’t understand. No matter how hard I rant about it Leeteuk doesn’t really care. He himself wants his fans not to mind them. No matter how hard I rant about it, it will always be the same way. Bashes will always be there. Praises will always be there. The balance of the world must always be observed.

Maybe it’s a part of life.

P.S. To those who don’t like guys who cry, you’re free to dislike. But showing tears is not cowardice but it is the symbol of courage to express how a person feels and for others to know that he has a heart too.

P.P.S. For me, Leeteuk’s tears are the cutest thing about him.
Am I weird to like how Leeteuk cries? Maybe I am. I like his happy tears though.

P.P.P.S. Maybe, I am still an Leeteuk biased. I still love you Leeteuk for who you are.


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