(RP) Mr. Simple Review

Oh my gosh, it’s already Wednesday! D: The time flies so fast~ But it’s okay though… I am waiting for Merlin.

Anyway… Last Saturday, I really wanted to give an album review of Mr. Simple, Super Junior’s fifth album. However, because the Internet is really… -_- you know what, and because I was doing my papers back then, I wasn’t able to.

Recently, the songs included in the fifth album are on the loop in my mp3 player. Yeah… I never got enough of them. I really paid attention to each song.

So… The songs are really amazing. Seriously, from the previous albums, I dislike some songs… But now, I like all of them…

Mr. Simple, their title track, WAS a really auto-tuned song for me when I first heard it. The teasers were really nice, especially the sound effects, so I expected more from Mr. Simple. Although… later, as Leeteuk said, I listened to it over and over again. And I fell in love. Maybe it was mainly because of Kyuhyun and Yesung’s parts. =)) Yeah, the bridge part, and the ‘alright!’ parts, and Donghae’s part. Then later on, I loved Sungmin’s part. His solo part after the chorus. The beat is really awesome. Then I got to repeat the song all over again. And as expected, I got addicted.

Next is, Opera. Hmm, actually I didn’t like this song as first as well. It’s only today when I fully like it. Why? Auto-tune. I don’t know… But it really is… cliche for me. Although when I got to hear it this morning, I realize that I like Kyuhyun’s part in the bridge part again. Haha. It’s somehow different from the earlier beats. Also, I find it similar to Feels Good. I don’t know why.

Be My Girl. THIS IS THE FIRST AUTO-TUNED SONG I’VE EVER LIKED. I really like the sudden stops, whatever you call it. I like Donghae’s part, Yesung’s part and Kyuhyun’s part. It’s really a good song – it isn’t a song which pays attention to the beat, but to the lyrics. I fell in love with the lyrics, although there were some lines which were really out of… uh… the theme. =))

Walkin’ has a feel of Bruno Mars’ song… to be exact, Lazy Song. It has a lively beat, if you come to think of it. Then the background hums and harmonies… One of my favorite songs in this album.

Storm. NO QUESTION’S ASKED. I LOVE THIS SONG BECAUSE I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT BALLADS. =)) But to give you an unpopular opinion, it took me two replays before this song fully sank in my mind… because at first I thought Sungmin had only one line in this. 😦 LOL, what a reason, but that was only a side reason… But then, when I was riding a jeepney on the way to school, I listened to it and believe it or not, I cried in the jeepney. Maybe the passengers were curious… but it has really touched my heart since then. Favorite song out of all.

Good Friends gives a lively jazz feel. At first you wouldn’t think that it has a sad meaning. Well, it isn’t really sad, but touching… About friends… About Super Junior’s friendship… It also gives a trot feel, which I think Leeteuk, Sungmin and Donghae are good at. And oh, especially Lee Donghae. He is so awesome in this song. This song is suitable for SJ-T, but everyone sings here, and I find it amazing. One of my favorite songs.

Feels Good on the other hand, gives me LSS… or last song syndrome. I am still remembering it right now, and it’s still playing in my mind. Like Mr. Simple, you have to listen to it over and over again before liking it…

An example of a great OST song is Memories. Well, considering the fact that the composer of this is the composer of Yesung’s It Has To Be You, which was the OST for Cinderella’s Sister. The good thing about this is that Eunhyuk and Shindong sang in it. And oh my gosh, my top 2 and 3 voices. :”> Whenever I hear Memories, I really imagine myself in a Korean Drama or something. Kyuhyun and Yesung’s adlibs here are wonderful, Ryeowook’s, Donghae’s and Sungmin’s were really great. Third favorite song.

Sunflower… HAEBARAGI~ has a nice lyrics and nice melody… It’s really worth listening because of the smooth voices of our boys… This is so far, my second favorite song.

White Christmas… is a remake of Jinu’s song. And even if it’s not Christmas, it’s still nice to listen at. Actually, I feel like it has a J-Pop feel in it… or J-Rock, but J-Pop is actually nearer… The rap parts are really nice.

Y… To be honest, when I first heard it I thought it was a rip-off from All My Heart. =)) One Way Chance and Donghae teamed up for this to be created. Chance is a great RnB composer, I tell you, because I like the song. It is given already that Donghae has basis on how he wrote the lyrics, so it was awesome to hear. The lyrics are quite dramatic although it’s less dramatic than Storm’s lyrics. The harmonization: HANDS DOWN.

My Love, My Kiss, My Heart. KRY’s song. Woah. Really one of my favorite songs. I already knew it from the start… Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook did a nice job… and also they have good pronunciation too. 🙂 It’s not their type of song but it shows that they can be so diverse.

Then… finally Perfection Korean Version… I liked Chinese version more than Korean version, but hey, ZhouRy are here! 😀

And, bonus… Super Man. It’s not that I don’t like it to be performed by Super Junior, but it’s not really their type of song. But, the good thing is, even though it’s not their type of song, they pull it off nicely… And what I love about this song is that there are KyuMin, YeWook, EunHae duets here… Also, The balladeers who usually sing mellow songs rap here. The performances and the dances are quite interesting…

Speaking of performance, out of the three first comeback stages, I likes Inki’s the most. Even though they lipsynched, they still dance their hearts out. And the camera… it’s really awesome. Music Core is next. I love their costumes here… and it has best sound quality among all… Music Bank… well, maybe they’re nervous, so, understandable. I heard the music removed and it wasn’t as good as what I expected to be.

Teasers… for the teaser 1… The background music is so RnB. LOL. And I love it. The boys look awesome… as always. But then what about the second teaser… I was expecting the music video to have the teasers or something. But I guess we have to wait.

And woah for the music video. It already reached almost 5M as of this moment… and woah, 100k+ likes. It’s really popular… The music video WAS black and white, but to accompany it with colorful costumes, it is still nice. The dance break was AMAZING. I like the alright dance step. The dance, well it’s actually a combination of many dances… but still, originally combined.

The album is really surprising, to think that it’s their last album before Leeteuk and Heechul enter the military. I expected more from this album and fortunately, I wasn’t even disappointed one bit. So I hope that we continue to succeed. Super Junior, fighting!


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