(RP) And For Once…

As far as I want to… uh… spazz about Super Junior’s comeback, I can’t because I feel that our hell week is getting nearer… And I can feel the intensity of it. Researches here, reading there, quizzes here, group works there, assignments here, studies there. Haist. Although I know that by waiting for their comeback I can unwind from studying but… if I get too focused to waiting for their comeback then… I will not be able to do the things that I am supposed to do. 😦 Aw… it’s too difficult to be a student and a fangirl at the same time. 😦

Anyway… so tomorrow, I need to take a test. It’s not my real problem really… my problem is that I can’t enroll (and I can’t find someone who can enroll me) because I have a test at 12, when I am supposed to enroll. The slots are really limited and if I can’t enroll for the subject and time that I want to enroll then I won’t be able to follow my schedule and it’ll end up adjusting again… or worst… disarranged schedule. -_-

If I can finish the test within twenty-forty minutes then it’s fine with me. But then I have no choice but to finish it earlier because I need to run to the nearest computer shop because I don’t want to bring my laptop just to enroll for the course. But I think that I cannot because for heaven’s sake IT IS MATH. IT IS STATISTICS ALRIGHT. =(( I tried to ask my professor if we could take the test earlier… but he said that we cannot. =(( My life… 😦

I kept on thinking that it was because of the suspension of classes. 😐 If the enrollment is today (I mean yesterday, because yesterday was supposedly the day of our real enrollment, but the classes were suspended because of the typhoon), then there’s no problem at all. Our class is supposedly to be at the computer lab, but then… because of the test, we’re going to another room which is an ordinary classroom. Why was the test scheduled later? 😦

I can’t do anything about it now… even if I cry tears of blood, I can’t change it…

Then… I have to go to a photo studio to take a picture of me in a night gown, with my hair and make-up done. For what? For incentives… =)) Then we have to type our assignment using a typewriter. =))

I only have one class for tomorrow. An alternative class in the evening but I’m afraid that I can’t go because of my schedules. 😦

On Friday (duh, today), I must read the assigned readings. Get the orders (or reserve my orders) and do assignments.

Then on Saturday, maybe I can start surveying drivers… maybe in MoA where I can buy my Perfection albums. :”> Then tally the result of the survey. Then… discuss our group report due on Monday.

Then on Sunday, continuation of reading… and of course… group report and researches.

See, my schedule this weekend is full~


So, I googled my name… and heck… I really find some of the searches… haunting… I mean… it keeps on displaying my name in relation with accountancy. What the heck. 😐 I don’t know if I should be flattered or not. Maybe I am really destined to be an accountant… but I’m taking up other course… what shall I do?

So I have to sleep now and dream about Sungmin again. Seriously… that guy really is kicking Leeteuk off my top bias list. I’m just resisting his… charms. LOL

Finally… goodnightttttt. Sweet dreams to the people who are going to sleep just now… and have a nice day to people who are going to start their day today.



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