(RP) I Feel Like

I feel like a proud mom while watching Kyuhyun’s fancam of The Three Musketeers as D’Artagnan and Sungmin’s fancam of Jack the Ripper musical as Daniel. Haha! Well, I am much younger than Sungmin but heck, I keep on clapping while watching him… 🙂 Hanggang fancam lang po ako, huwag po kayong ganyan. =(( I’m jealous of people who have the chance to watch Sungmin’s musical performance. He is surely a grown-up now. Haist… I’m being attached to Sungmin now. My DP in Twitter is Sungmin and my Twitter background is Sungmin and my desktop background is Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

Sungmin does not do anything but he continues to creep in my heart. If this happens, I will surely place him at the top along with Leeteuk. But then, Leeteuk is still my number 1.

Speaking of Sungmin’s JTR musical… I heard that Ryeowook went to watch him. Kyuhyun was said to be there too, but didn’t he have a musical before that? If he was indeed late, I would really spazz my heart out because he found time to watch Sungmin’s musical even though he had a performance earlier. ASDFGHJKL My KyuMin! :”> If this is true then I will cry… But I don’t want to lift my hopes up. 🙂 I just want to know if it is true so that I can be happy and I can rest in… my dreams. LOL

I also heard that EunTeuk talked about Sungmin in Sukira… on how he loved ramen… Yesung, Kyuhyun and Sungmin went to a restaurant, and they ate ramen, but because Sungmin loved ramen so much that he got all the ramen for himself. And then he said, “I love ramen.” Yesung and Kyuhyun did not scold Sungmin or anything but they just let him eat the ramen because Sungmin was too happy while eating it. Gah… I can see is cute Ming… and my imagination never fails me to picture the scene. I can also see the love… :”> And pure love. :”> So I am grateful to EunTeuk for telling the story… it makes me love Ming more.

Yes, Sungmin is my second bias after Leeteuk… but sooner… we will never know…

Goodnight for real. I can’t recover because I thought that we will not have classes tomorrow so… I feel lazy to get up. I will do my homework tomorrow. For real.


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