(RP) Complete

This is the title because the teaser pics are finally complete! So I have to comment about Siwon’s and Heechul’s teaser photos! Yey! Fun fun!

So let’s start of with Siwon. ASDFGHJKL He’s wearing boxers. OTL. His muscles. O_O I can conclude that Siwon defeated Leeteuk who has the most outrageous photo. I mean, look at Siwon! =)) I can’t comment on Siwon that much though, because he is too good to be called as the living statue because of so much perfection. But to be honest I laughed when I saw his photo, but it wasn’t as much laugh as what I did to Teukie. Haha!

Meanwhile, Heechul. HIS HAIR. I love the highlights and the curls. I heard that he chose the clothes and the background… so I don’t doubt it anymore. It’s really Kim Heechul style! And his smirk! Awesome.

That’s it. 😀 So short, but… I’m so lazy because it’s still raining and there are floods everywhere.

Goodnight everyone. 😀



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