(RP) Random Things Are Better Discussed

I learned a lot about people today that made me change my mind about them… But before that, I would like to comment on Yesung’s teaser pic! Yey! Clap! Clap!

Yesung’s color in the official site is yellow, so I’m happy. Hehe. Also, he looks hot in a fedora. :”> And in pink! My sister and I keep on spazzing about everything in Yesung’s teaser pic. He looks like a Japanese here.

I like how his nails are painted black, and his arms! Woah. Overall, one word for Yesung: handsome.


I re-watched Super Junior Mini Drama again hours ago. And woah, I really love the first episode. HORROR. Yeah, horror. Β And Dangerous Friendship… of course, there’s the famous OTP’s. πŸ˜€ KyuMin! :”> :”>

Anyway… I just encountered a word from Leeteuk in first episode…

“Seriously, is there a gift in this world better than me?”

Let me answer you, Park Jungsoo… There are so many gifts in this world that are better than you… but for me, there isn’t. There isn’t any better than you. You are the best gift for me that I can never have. I have known and accepted it since the day you became my most favorite member in Super Junior. Of the members who became my first bias, he remains at the top for almost two years. Argh. One year left and he will be my longest crush ever. It’s not really absurd, because I had a crush with people whom I never got the chance to talk with.

I don’t know what’s happening to me, because as much I want to deny it – I am in love with Leeteuk’s character. Maybe it’s not love for Leeteuk himself, but his idol image.

Argh, I’m getting cheesy. -_-

One more thing… Heechul said something about Leeteuk’s leadership and seriously… it made me cry. 😦 He said that he never thought of being a leader because he is easily mad and he is hot-tempered, and under his leadership, Super Junior will never be like that unlike Leeteuk. I really have the respect to Leeteuk as Super Junior’s leader – the same respect as Heechul gives him. He really boasts about Leeteuk’s leadership. :”>

Anyway, segway… Leeteuk seemed to lose weight. 😦 Is he sick or something? 😦 I hope he’s okay.

And… he has a new hairstyle in Sukira tonight! :”> It looks amazing on him. πŸ˜€ Eunhyuk looks cute in glasses. πŸ˜€

Okay back to the topic… there. Biglang ganun no? Wala na akong masabi. Hay basta, si Leeteuk pa rin. =))


Heechul: Kyuhyun, is it raining outside?


LOL Kyuhyun, ang benta niyo po. I don’t know where this came from but… I can’t stop laughing about this.


Students, particularly college students are still waiting for announcement of suspension of classes… Kaya maingay sa Twitter. XD


Uhm, congratulations to Yesung’s parents for the opening of Handel and Gretel! Cute!


Teaser video tomorrow! :”> Will reopen my account for possible spazzing. Hehe.


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