Heehee. General ledger. Joking.

It’s an abbreviation for good luck. Hehe. I’m using it nowadays not because I’m lazy… to make things clear, but because I’m maximizing space. LOLWUT.

So… Ugh. It’s Ryeowook’s teaser day… so I’m going to comment about it! Yey! Yey! Yey!

Everything looks alright. His glasses! ASDFGHJKL I have a fetish in guys who wear eyeglasses. As in honestly, except for the feathers that he is holding. Well, they are okay though if you are going to look at it for the second time. Oh, and he is wearing long shorts (?). Hehe. He looks so thin, but then, it’s still alright. To discuss his change, he becomes maturer than before. And maybe the expression in his eyes add to that.

Okay… so… that’s it, I have nothing to say. 😦 Argh, Ryeowook’s commentary is so… short. 😦


It’s raining. Please stop.

The fall of the rain is really affecting my mood tonight. I’m getting emotional. Must really stop thinking about that because it affects my life even though I don’t want to and even though it’s not right.

You really hurt my heart big time. 😐


Mabuti pang gumawa na lang ako ng project at ng survey at mag-aral para sa test ko sa Thursday. Hay. Hay. Hay.

I still have 5 terms after this term. Argh, I thought I would only have 4 terms left after this term. 😦


Ooh. So bipolar.


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