(RP) Random Title

I can’t think of a title. Argh, my brain is not really working right now.

Everyday, as you all can see, I try to react about every day’s teaser photo. And this time, I am only going to react to Shindong’s teaser photo (I’ll comment about Kyuhyun’s tomorrow, since it’s supposed to be his day tomorrow, hehe).

This teaser photo is the best by far. Shindong rocked the style and this concept so much. The color combinations are really fascinating. Overall, Shindong’s look is the best out of the five. For me, he underwent a hundred percent change from Twins to the 5 jib. The blue jacket and the feathers suit him. It’s actually the diamond-decorated gun which makes me like it the most, and of course, it’s Shindong! I spazzed about his photo the most. And I am still looking forward to the others.

Meanwhile, Ill be re-watching EHB after doing the survey questionnaire. Then will study a little bit for our long test on Monday, then… play GTA VC once again! 😀


P.S. No teaser photos are bad. They are all awesome and are all related to the concept. Keeping my hopes high! 😀


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