(RP) New Theme!

Woot! Colorful theme. Like the 5 jib! Woot. Or is it not?

You know, I’m not really easily satisfied with things which repeat over and over again. I would rather do something incredibly different than to do the same thing all over again. Well, I usually do that. Hehe. But not anymore, because I’m hating it right now.

I’m going to have a wild guess about 5 jib’s concept. Eccentric? Different? Unusual?  It’s because when I saw all of those teaser photos, including Teuk’s (which to be honest I didn’t like at first but it grew on me in just eight hours after realizing what their concept really was and reading some new articles), I feel nothing but different. I felt that they were too different from the same guys before. How to put it? Uhm… Let’s just say they are not doing something that is done before… Well, I hope so.

I made a post in Tumblr… and this is only my wild guess about the concept.

This is only my interpretation. Let’s just see the rest of the photos to know if I’m right or wrong. 😀

As all the news tell us, Super Junior will surprise us with unconventional transformations of the members in this album. And by unconventional, it’s not what others are usually done.

That means, their concept might be eccentric or unusual or different. And that is what I think the answer to our questions about their style in their teaser photos. Because it is unconventional, the boys might not really be doing cliches (the usual black and white concept), that’s why they change it from dull to colorful. I mean, they are doing something far from the usual expectations of us fans.

I’ll admit that I didn’t like Leeteuk’s photo (Eunhyuk’s and Donghae’s as well) at first, because I thought that it was different, strange and absurd. But then I learned by reading all news about 5 jib that it is what they want us to feel. I found out about what they are trying to do and it all sank in my right brain. This is what we are supposed to be feeling – we must feel the strange in the familiar, the peculiar in the usual.

It’s not really the style that the producers and the members are focusing on. They are focusing more on how the change in the boys’ will affect our point of view about them. Also, they are trying to catch the attention of the many, as what peculiar things do.

I have a high expectation for this album. To be honest, this album excites me a lot. This album excites me the most. I am also expecting that SJ will never disappoint us. 

With all the hints that @ShinsFriends and @Famous_Jae tweeted, the K-ELF came up with answers, although they are not sure yet, it is most probably the answer to those hints. But if it is really the title then… it’ll be ironic yet legitimate. To explain, I also have a post regarding this:

So… if it’s really Mr. Simple…

… then it’s ironic because the members’ photos are not simple: their clothes and their looks are really, really complicated and not easy to be recognized as usual.

But now, I am totally convinced that the concept is eccentric in nature, because they are really changing our perspective about the concept of “simplicity”.

I salute K-ELF for this! ♥ And also, I salute the producers and the brainstormer of this concept. It really makes me excited… but I’ll not be too excited.

Oh why oh why are you making us wait, SMEnt? Oh why are you making all this complicated? I LIKE IT THOUGH. I like to think… Nah.  

But then it’s too early to say. I just saw @Famous_Jae tweets about the filming sets, preparations, and behind the scenes of the MV. They are filming right now. As I can see, it’s the same set as Sorry Sorry and Miinah. Although the teaser video is not out yet, I’m really feeling disappointed. 😦 Maybe because fans know that we grow tired of black and white, or maybe we are thinking that the photos might be colorful, but, the music video won’t. As usual, I’m putting my trust to the staffs and crews of the music video, as well to the members, because as I said, I know that they are trying their best to make us happy. They are trying their best and their hardest to create an extraordinary album.

But I’m still anticipating for changes. 🙂 I don’t care if it does not happen.


Leeteuk’s teaser photo is… somehow disturbing. When I first saw it (I was in class), I laughed so hardly that I almost forgot to breathe. This is a true story by the way, and of course, because I was in class and that I was just glancing at the photo, I immediately reacted. Then our lesson was about Tukey-Kramer test… so I thought that I was hunted because of the picture. LOL Tukey sounds like “Teukie” actually. 😀 And I kept on laughing and laughing about it as I told it to my friends. Then I thought, “At least, the background was yellow.” Well, I’m biased, you see. But when I got home (I was really pissed on my way home for various reasons), I immediately looked at Jungsoo’s pic again (I got okay) and contemplated for at least… three hours. And I found out that it wasn’t that bad if I got used to it. And I got used to it. It was weird, but Jungsoo’s photo made me realize their concept. Without any bias… But still, there are some things which I didn’t like about his photo. Guess what they are! =))

And LOL, Jungsoo tweeted about it. Haha! Promoting yourself, Jungsoo? I really love you for doing that! Haha!

I still hope for Sungmin’s photo today… I mean later… Although it’s rumored to be Heechul.

So, that’s it. Goodnight. ♥

P.S. Condolences to Siwon’s family. I heard that his grandma passed away, but at least she’s in heaven with God now. 🙂 So Siwon must be really strong.


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