(RP) Spazzing

Seriously… American Idol Season 10 will go here for a concert in Rata Rata Araneta Coliseum? I better be saving now! And worse, all my profit from my selling course will be spent because of this concert. I can only afford Upper Box A up to Lower Box Regular… But I’d prefer Upper Box A. It’s far from the main stage. When I came to see Super Junior Super Show 3, I was in Upper Box A, and the view wasn’t really alright.

Argh… I still need to buy many things, and I have to save money as well. I want to watch, because Scotty is there. I need to see Scotty and Pia and James and Casey and Lauren.

And what else to spazz about… Yeah, the comeback of the superior, Return of the Superior! ♥ #d14returnofthesuperior is trending in Indonesia and in the Philippines, this means that there are 14 days to go before the release of the album.

They said that the teaser photos will be revealed one member per day. Hyukjae’s teaser photo is released. And it was… I CAN’T EXPLAIN BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY SPAZZING. I saw a Twitpic, c/o @sinyi88, showing the resemblance between Eunhyuk’s style in 5jib and an anime. I don’t know the character though. And he is wearing a tiara! Oh my gosh, I love it… but it is kinda mysterious… is it anime concept? If it is… I want Leeteuk to be Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi, or Leon Oswald from Kaleido Star… or… Usui Takumi from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama or Kei Takeshima from Special A. Yeah, my hopes are high… I hope one of them… would resemble Jungsoo.

Speaking of Jungsoo, he said in Sukira that the concept of 5jib is COLORFUL. Yes, based on the teaser photo, it is. I need one more teaser photo… then if it is really what we thought… then… rejoice!

‘Colorful’ means ‘I love you’. Why? Try this in front of the mirror. Say “I love you” and “colorful”, read your lips, and you will see the resemblance of how you say ‘colorful’ and ‘I love you’. Cool, right? But if it isn’t, ignore me. 🙂

Sorry if I’ll be spazzing like hell up to September… Then here comes Merlin again! ♥

Alright… so, it’s as if I don’t have a midterm exam tomorrow. I keep on typing here. I still am not studying.

Goodnight! 😀 I’ll seriously study… NOW.


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