(RP) Fever

No, not that kind of fever… I have an HP fever since yesterday. Blame it to Severus Snape. I’ll love him forever! Ever since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I have loved him and his mysterious character. He is overall my most favorite character in Harry Potter.

I’ll admit that I never finished reading HP books, nor I’m a big fan of the books, but I’ll admit that I love the movies. Maybe I only read the 1st book up to the 17th page or something. I was really lazy to read a novel back then, but I got to watch all of Harry Potter movies except for the part one of Deathly Hallows – blame it to my mother. But then, the whole Potter series is epic. EPIC. And maybe because I love sorcery.

Anyway, I still want a Merlin movie. I know that it’ll be a great hit, although it’s better for it to be a… series. Seriously, I want it now, but I can’t hurry the producers to show it. I am waiting for September to come.

And, I also am waiting for 5 jib of Super Junior, OTL, I can’t even wait for it any longer. Seeing Hyukjae having a blonde hair, I just can’t… And… Wookie too, as I heard. Everyone is getting excited, especially Leeteuk and Heechul. I am excited about the concept… And of course the songs and the music video. I’m also looking forward to Jungsoo and Henry’s composition, again. All My Heart really has a place in my heart… I really love it.

Darn, August is just two weeks away… but actually, I don’t want August to come because the finals are getting nearer. If the first term end then it’ll only be four terms to go before graduating. Geez, I’m nervous. Of course I’m going to graduate. But also, I’m scared of having a job, having my own family, waiting for the future, etc. I know that I will have a great future though.

What else to wait for? Uhm… I really don’t want to end this year yet. You know the reasons. Argh, please remind me that I have to study now for my quiz tomorrow. As in… a quiz. I’ll make it perfect, I hope, so that I’ll not be tweeting for a week. Woot! Woot!

Speaking of twitter, I locked my account and protected my tweets… Well, I am getting shy because unknown people can read my excessive (and disturbing, uh, sort of) tweets. I won’t open it again except if time permits so… LOLWUT… no, I’ll open if when I decide to trend something… or… message… someone… Hehe.

Anyway… One long chapter to study… So I need to cut the Internet connection and quit surfing the Net.

Now goodnight. I have to sleep ‘early’ as well because I have classes at 9:40 am. Help me. :(( And yey, new queen-size bed! AND I’M ALONE!

P.S. Yesung and Hyejin’s duet is super amazing I can’t even!!! Also, Yesung’s and Ryeowook’s OST’s are must-heard. I’m biased, I know… But I can’t help it.


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