Woot! You are a year older again! I missed it when I greeted you a year ago. 😦

But then, you are now 24/25. Wow, not bad.

I was a Kim Ryeowook biased when I was just starting in Super Junior fandom. He became my bias after Kyuhyun, then Kyuhyun and Ryeowook became tied in my number one spot. He made me like him when I saw him in Happiness music video. I said to my bestfriend that I was attracted with the person who created a heart in that video (it turned out that almost everyone did). Haha. Then, from that time on, I liked him and watched his video, downloaded his songs (those cuts) and watched Attack on the Pin-up Boys which made me fall for him more. Literally, I was screaming like hell when I was watching his character in AOTPUB. I was at Hanna’s house that time. I was shouting, “Oh my gosh, Wookie, ano yan!?” (“Oh my gosh, Wookie, what’s that!?”) I really liked his character.

I didn’t know what happen during SS1 that I started to be a Heechul-biased and left Ryeowook alone. Argh. I couldn’t imagine it. I still like him today. Maybe because I am meant to love Teukie for a year. Haha! =))

Anyway, singing. Acting. Cooking. These are what I liked about Ryeowook. I am looking forward to the day that I would taste his dishes (which Heechul usually talks about). Haha! What else, he is so precious, and my cousin (she’s eight year old) likes him so much. Haha. Blame me, but I gained you another fan in place of me. 😀

That’s it. Stay safe, and healthy. Always be with you. 😀 Take care and I love you! 😀


It may be not connected (somehow, it is because YeWookChul, haha), I’ll miss Yesung in Sukira. I am looking forward to Hyukjae tomorrow though, but my sister and I were happy whenever Yesung talks to Teukie during break time in Sukira, and he was so noisy. Haha! Awkward DJ, but we got used to him. He always wore pretty clothes and they suited him always. I love it. I will miss his soothing voice during broadcast. And his dork side whenever he was waving at the camera and showing stuff.

Also, I will miss Heechul’s Youngstreet. I rarely watched it, but then, I always see GIF’s of Heenim dancing or doing something crazy, and I would miss it. Aw.

But at least they can continue 5jib preparations then. 😀

Alright. Two tests tomorrow. Goodnight. 😀


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