(RP) Unclear

Long time no post… I should be studying right now, but… I really think there are no classes tomorrow. The rain is still pouring so hard. And the wind… I can hear its sound… But then, what else is new? Of course, there will still be classes tomorrow. /weird


I just don’t want fights anymore. I am also involved, no matter how you put it in other ways. I feel really awkward with them, but no matter how, you tell me to interact with them. How can I? It’s like, my mind is polluted with your anger. I know that they did something bad to you, and it was not easy to forget. But how about us? I’m still on your side. I am just thinking about their point of view.


Do you really need to bash yourself? I mean, who is in her right mind to bash herself in front of others? Why in the world would she create an account just to bash herself and a certain person, and add her friends and those people who treats her as a family if they can see it? It is clearly stupidity. Or if not, set-up.

I know her. She can’t do it. She WON’T do it. I don’t want to take sides, because there aren’t much evidences. But I still am looking for something that will prove that I am right or wrong. I have an idea on who did that, but I don’t want to mention names or accuse someone until I gather enough evidences. Well, I gathered several evidences. It is my expertise, to be honest. If I weren’t a marketing student, I would be a detective.

I told myself not to get involved AGAIN. But how can I not be involved? She wants me to get involved. If not, why did she add me? I want to clear these things to that certain person who was seeking my help because she was also blinded with her anger. And now, I think she already told her friends or even her parents about this.

I bet someone is really setting that person up. I mean, she will never insult herself and her family, or even someone who is dear to her loved one. There is a clear sign of jealousy from the other party. And she will do whatever it takes just to ruin the image of her rival… Wow. She is over thirty but she never tries to be matured enough. I personally don’t know her, but I won’t really be surprised if it is really her. One of my abilities is to judge a person with one look. I already form an impression on him or her. And besides, someone said to me before that that woman has a very bad attitude and is immature. But I won’t say that even if she is like that, she can do it. I still am not sure.

Alright… so… shall I get involved for real?



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