(MOD POST) Thank you

Thank you guys for keeping me positive about the project. Sometimes, I feel down about the project because I think it isn’t working. But then people support me and give me encouragement. I must not let you down.

I can’t thank you enough guys… But from the bottom of my heart, I really, really like to say that I love you and I thank you for everything.

I decided to continue this project no matter what. I know it is not that extravagant or big, but then because of your continuous support, and of your love for our leader, I knew that it’ll be successful. Every project has its own uniqueness… right?

I’ll come up with something unique as well… Please anticipate.

Thank you for believing in me. I love you.

Leeteuk, see that? Every person who loves you wants to participate in any projects. I know that you appreciate all of us. I know that we’ll give you the greatest birthday bash ever. Thank you for being our inspiration to do this. Thank you.

And to my Failed Success and Woo Team family, thank you. Thank you.

Thanking you is not enough… I want to do my best in this project. And we will make a history as well.