(RP) What a Night

My day just started right. And now… everything just turned upside down.

The twitter account for Leeteuk’s birthday project is suspended for an unknown reason. Maybe because many people blocked me for mentioning them and promoting the site. Then all the participant names and forms are erased. I don’t have their contacts now. I can’t email them regarding the important announcements. I know that some regularly check the site, but then I can’t make sure that everyone remembers it. I need the twitter account as well.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I hate the fact that I did wrong. But then, it’s not a failure.

No, I won’t cry. But it feels so heavy that all of my hardships just fade away because of unknown reasons. I just want it to be perfect for him.

I need help. I want everything to be alright for Leeteuk. I want to continue this birthday project no matter what it takes. So I’m not going to stop. I will find a way to restore the twitter account and also the forms.

I hope you would help me. Please?

It won’t go to waste, Leeteuk. I promise you that.


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