(RP) Just This Morning

Just this morning, my sister told me an advice.

Since I started this blog, there have been so many coincidences about my posts and your posts. If you are really reading every single post in this blog, maybe I cannot call them coincidences. However, I still am thinking that they are.

This also entered my mind before. I am just playing safe (or you can tell, playing dumb), but something in my mind knows and is sure. Maybe you are disappointed at me because I’m stupid for not getting it. But let me tell you – if you are really reading my blog – I wasn’t paying attention to it because I’m afraid that I’ll be a fool in the end, thinking that chances are just plain chances. And they are not really consciously done.

So my sister told me to ask you directly.

If you are really reading my blog, please answer yes in any way that you can. If no, then of course, you won’t reply.

Yeah. I’m still doing it secretly, but this is better than directly asking you. If I mention a name, people will call me delusional and pathetic (I am so, but I don’t like people using these words as insults to me).

Yes, I am. I am delusional enough to think about this.

P.S. This isn’t about someone copying, but someone answering. 

What am I still doing here? I must sleep now. I’m too tired already.

P.P.S. Woot. Was there an earthquake minutes ago? I didn’t feel it. I think I’m too indulged in writing this post. Haha.

EDIT: Oops. There WAS an earthquake indeed. Deym. I did not feel it. But I am feeling dizzy. 😐 Must really sleep now. Goodnight and pray for us. 🙂


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