(RP) I’m Back!

So yeah. I’ll just save this post for tomorrow’s story telling. :))
 And my thoughts about what’s going to happen on Saturday. Hmm.

Enchanted Kingdom + Sleepover with Friends 

Woot. There are lots of things to tell. Heehee. Let’s start on May 14, 2011.

So at eight in the morning, I went to McDonalds in DLSU to meet my bestfriends because we’re going to hanminteuk’s house in Cavite. We had a sleepover there. It was my first time to have a sleepover with my friends. Then upon arriving in her house, we ate. There were lots of food that we didn’t finish them all. All foods were delicious (she prepared and cooked most of them). Then we played cards and sang.

In the afternoon, we went to Enchanted Kingdom. There were lots of people, so we waited for about one hour to enter. Good thing Johan was familiar with the place, so she easily got tickets. Then we rode Rio Grande and all of us became wet. After that, we went inside the horror house, which in my opinion wasn’t horrifying at all, but it was enjoyable. Then next, we played fair games and won a stuffed toy which was given to the birthday girl. TROLOLOL. Then we ate. After that, Hanna, Johan and I rode the Log Jam. =)) It took almost one and a half hours because the line was so long. When it was our time to ride, I felt excited. When we were at the top, I shouted, “I love you Jungsoo!” but it failed because we weren’t going down yet. So it turned out that I shouted, “I love you Jungsoo-wooooooooooooooooo!” I think that there were people who heard me, but who cares. Haha! Anyhow, we got wet again (yeah, water rides). Then we toured the whole place and ate. Then Jessica, my other bestfriend, met us. She was also celebrating her birthday with our friends. After eating, they rode on Space Shuttle Max and we fell in line in Wheel of Fate. It was already six in the evening, so we only had one hour left. Because the line was so long, I didn’t ride the Flying Disk. 😦 The view when the Wheel of Fate was moving was very beautiful. We could see the night lights. Then we ended the day with picture taking.

When we arrived back home, we were all tired, so we planned to sleep earlier after eating and we didn’t have time to watch horror movies. 😦 The next day, we left Hanna’s house and went back to Manila. It was a great experience, but it was tiring. I enjoyed it a lot.


Hong Kong 

May 17, we went to NAIA for our flight at 8 in the morning. My sister was so excited because it was her first time to ride an airplane and to go outside the country. We played games inside the plane and listen to SJ album. Then at ten, we arrived at Hong Kong. Its airport was so big and beautiful. There were lots of shops too.

During the ride towards the hotel, I noticed that Hong Kong has lot of infrastructures and tall buildings. The bridges were on the top of each other, and there were a lot of turns and curves. But I found it wonderful. Hong Kong managed to build buildings and bridges like that. Good thing there weren’t earthquakes in Hong Kong.

Then at twelve, we went to our hotel, but then the room wasn’t available yet, so we ate our lunch in a Chinese restaurant. The food was superb but it didn’t cost a lot of money, so it’s all worth it. Then we went back to the hotel and slept for an hour and half. After that our tour guide fetched us from the hotel so that we could go to the Victoria Peak to see the night lights. Before that, we went to a high class restaurant with Singaporean tourists, and they were all accommodating. We ate delicious foods and drank Chinese tea. After that we went to the Wax Museum and took a lot of pictures with celebrities. The wax figures looked so real. Then we went to see the night lights of Hong Kong. Wonderful and breathtaking. We took pictures then left. After that, we went to Avenue of Stars and found the fingerprints of famous Hong Kong actors and actresses and Bruce Lee’s statue. After that, we went to the Ladies Market and saw a lot of things to buy. It looked like Divisoria in the Philippines. We finished touring by ten in the evening and went back to our hotel. Because we were wake up at six the next morning, we had to sleep earlier as well.

Then the next day, we were scheduled to go for a city tour and to HK Disneyland in the afternoon. We ate our breakfast in the hotel and the food was sumptuous.

Our city tour began in Avenue of Stars – morning version. Haha! We took pictures and then we went to a jewelry shop. My mother bought a feng shui necklace worth 3000+ HK dollars. Woah. I bought a bracelet too. Then we went to buy some pasalubong from a store. After that, we went to see the yachts owned by famous people in HK. And then, our last stop was in HK Disneyland.

When we arrived at Disneyland, I was amazed because we had to walk for almost thirty minutes just to reach the gate. Then when we went inside and entered shops to see if we could buy anything. But all were expensive. T-T So we went to eat our lunch. Then my sister and I rode Orbitron and then Space Mountain. Oh deym, Space Mountain was good! Thrilling and exciting. We rode again in Orbitron, this time with the whole family then watched the parade. Woah. They were all pretty, especially the Disney Princesses. Then we went to Adventure Land and rode a boat to go to Tarzan’s tree house. Everything looked so nice, but what attracted me the most was baby crying then his cries turning into Tarzan’s famous yodel or something. Haha. Then we went to see the festival of Lion King. After that, we went to Fantasy Land and toured.

But something happened that made us all cry not because we were happy. It was my fault. I made a mistake and my father became angry at me. Then my sister became so irritated. So my mother burst it out. She told us to stop fighting. So she cried and walked out. My parents fought as well. We were crying, and people were looking at us. I told my mother and my father that I was the person who made wrong, so I asked for their forgiveness. Although there were tension between all of us, we still finished watching the castle illumination. Then we went back to our bus. My father and mother were still not talking to each other. In the hotel, I knew that there were less tension but still… Then my sister and watched a Chinese TV show (Most of the TV channels were in Chinese), then we saw SJ-M! FJHSLJALDJSD It was a dream come true for me to see them in Hong Kong (even on TV, haha). So we recorded the video. Haha. Then we slept.

The next day, my parents were okay again. Woot woot. It looked like nothing happened. So I was happy. At least we could enjoy our last day. We went shopping after taking our breakfast. We bought pasalubong and clothes for all of us. Then we ate our lunch went to shopping again. Our last stop was a park, where we saw a lot of turtles and fishes. Then we went back to the hotel and we were fetched by a bus.

We went back to Manila at eight in the evening. Woah. I missed this place.

I would say that our family vacation in Hong Kong was very good. Although there were some misunderstandings, we still are all happy. This will remain in our memories.


Judgment Day 

Before entering HK Disneyland, there was a person who gave us a notice that the world will end tomorrow, May 21, 2011. Personally, I don’t believe it. Because God is the only One who knows when will the world end. There are calculations to support the ‘end of the world’, but it doesn’t mean that it is proven. Not all things are supported with computations: sometimes it is supported by personal reasons. God wants us to believe in him. And even if the world will really end tomorrow, I’ll be happy that God gave me a life to enjoy this lifetime. If it’s my time, then it will be my time. I’ll happily offer my life to God.

But of course, I don’t want the world to end yet. I haven’t done the things I wanted to do. I want to graduate. I want to have a stable job. I want to have my own family. I want to tour the world with my parents and family. I want to see my grandchildren. And I want to die naturally and happily, and of course, satisfied.

I want to see Leeteuk first and even talk to him. Haha! Even a simple hi will do, then he’ll smile at me, then I’ll smile back. Just that will be fine. Heehee. I’m delusional, I know. But he told me to keep believing. So there. There will be miracles. 🙂

Okay… off-topic now.

That’s it. A very long post.


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